[pkg-wine-party] [SCM] Debian Wine packaging annotated tag, wine-1.3.37, created. wine-1.3.37

Alexandre Julliard julliard at winehq.org
Sat Jun 9 07:23:14 UTC 2012

The annotated tag, wine-1.3.37 has been created
        at  44c48d88c2c85f5f6c6fa2b216507dd4f883800d (tag)
   tagging  64f1fd29f722d11bd1e0251228b88ec6c4ff3de8 (commit)
  replaces  wine-1.3.36
 tagged by  Alexandre Julliard
        on  Fri Jan 13 20:38:56 2012 +0100

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Release 1.3.37
Version: GnuPG v1.4.11 (GNU/Linux)


Akihiro Sagawa (1):
      po: Update Japanese translation.

Alexandre Julliard (55):
      gdi32: Calculate the image size in GradientFill only once we have the correct bit count.
      gdi32: Add stubs for the OpenGL entry points in the DIB driver.
      d3d8/tests: Convert a file to utf-8.
      d3d9/tests: Convert a file to utf-8.
      Update copyright info for 2012.
      secur32/tests: Don't compare the encrypted results if the session key is different.
      gdi32: Fix skipping of zero-length dashes.
      gdi32: Only create the round cap region once per call.
      gdi32: Skip empty segments at the beginning and end of a line to make sure the caps are correct.
      gdi32: Add a helper function for drawing a wide line segment.
      gdi32: Add a helper function for drawing multiple line segments.
      gdi32: Implement dashed wide lines.
      gdi32: Get rid of the pen deferring support, all pen styles are implemented now.
      gdi32/tests: Add some tests for brushed and dashed wide pens.
      gdi32: Draw rectangles in the order specified by the current arc direction.
      gdi32: Use a better algorithm for CreateRoundRectRgn.
      gdi32: Implement Ellipse and RoundRect, using line segments for now.
      gdi32: Add a helper function for computing the device rect for PS_INSIDEFRAME.
      gdi32: Implement Arc, ArcTo, Chord, and Pie, using line segments for now.
      gdi32: Add a stub for the ExtFloodFill entry point.
      gdi32: Don't allow Get/SetDeviceGammaRamp on DIBs or memory DCs.
      gdi32: Add an empty ExtEscape DIB driver entry point.
      winex11: Remove DIB locking calls from all graphics functions.
      msvcrt: Don't name a local variable 'errno'.
      msvcrt: Use the correct type for findnext64.
      gdi32: Get rid of the SetDIBColorTable driver entry point.
      gdi32: Stop forwarding object selection calls to x11drv.
      user32: Return the cursor position in send_hardware_message and use it to update the driver's position.
      gdi32/tests: Remove device capabilities test that fails on XP.
      user32/tests: Fix some test failures on Windows.
      opengl32: Get rid of the DIB section sync support.
      winex11: Fix support for PALETTEINDEX mapping and get rid of DIBINDEX support.
      winex11: Remove the remainining DIB section locking calls.
      gdi32: Add a separate set of GDI object functions for DIBs.
      gdi32: Simplify CreateDIBSection and avoid using the reference DC if not needed.
      gdi32: Use the bpp info from the bitmap structure now that it's identical to the DIB one.
      gdi32: Get rid of the get_bitmap_funcs function.
      gdi32: Always store a DIBSECTION structure in the bitmap object.
      gdi32: Use the bitmap part of the DIBSECTION structure for the DDB object information.
      gdi32: Get rid of the CreateDIBSection driver entry point.
      winex11: Move the clipboard DIB creation functions to clipboard.c.
      winex11: Avoid using DIB functions to create the dithering image.
      winex11: Get rid of the DIB section support.
      winex11: Remove the global XRender installed flag.
      winex11: Create XRender colors from the original COLORREF and add support for PALETTEINDEX colors.
      winex11: Avoid some references to the X11 device from XRender.
      winex11: Store the XRender format in the bitmap structure.
      comctl32: Fix management of imagelist growth amount.
      wininet: Don't free name before the IPv6 lookup.
      winex11: Don't cache text and background pixel values to support PALETTEINDEX properly.
      user32: Don't access past the file size when loading a cursor/icon.
      comctl32/syslink: Fix painting of background color for transparent controls.
      gdi32: Simplify the CreateCompatibleBitmap implementation.
      gdi32: Store foreground/background color even when passed CLR_INVALID.
      Release 1.3.37.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (3):
      mscoree: Implement CLRRuntimeHost_ExecuteInDefaultAppDomain.
      mscoree: Don't pass the string as a reference type.
      include: Add missing DB_E_BAD defines.

Andrew Eikum (4):
      wineoss.drv: Fix IAudioRenderClient::{Get,Release}Buffer protocol.
      mshtml: Fix WARN typo.
      itss: Use case-insensitive strcmp.
      winealsa.drv: Remove "strange number of channels" FIXME.

André Hentschel (35):
      po: Update German translation.
      ntdll/tests: Add optional return value for some win7 machines.
      d3drm: Add IDirect3DRMFrame2 interface.
      usp10: Check for pointer before using it (Coverity).
      d3drm: Add IDirect3DRMFrame3 interface.
      Assorted header comment cleanup.
      po: Update German translation.
      mshtml: Remove unused definitions.
      po: Update German translation.
      po: Update German translation.
      setupapi: Add stub for CM_Get_DevNode_Registry_Property_ExW.
      dbghelp: No need for WINE_ prefixed ERR.
      kernel32: No need for WINE_ prefixed debug output macros.
      ntdll: No need for WINE_ prefixed debug output macro.
      ole32: No need for WINE_ prefixed debug output macro.
      user32: No need for WINE_ prefixed debug output macro.
      winex11.drv: No need for WINE_ prefixed debug output macros.
      xcopy: Fix a typo.
      po: Update German translation.
      setuapi: Add stub for CM_Set_Class_Registry_PropertyA.
      setuapi: Add stub for CM_Set_Class_Registry_PropertyW.
      setuapi: Add stub for CM_Get_DevNode_Registry_Property_ExA.
      setupapi: Add stub for CM_Get_Class_Registry_PropertyA.
      setupapi: Add stub for CM_Get_Class_Registry_PropertyW.
      po: Update German translation.
      d3drm: Fix QueryInterface forwarding.
      d3drm: Add more MeshBuilder tests.
      d3drm: Add more Frame tests.
      d3drm: Move Load implementation to IDirect3DRMMeshBuilder3.
      d3drm: Add IDirect3DRMDevice2 interface.
      d3drm: Add IDirect3DRMViewport interface.
      d3drm: Add more partial stubs for device creation.
      d3drm: Move GetTextureCoordinates from IDirect3DRMMeshBuilder2 to IDirect3DRMMeshBuilder3.
      d3drm/tests: Add refcount testing.
      d3drm: Implement GetVertices for IDirect3DRMMeshBuilder3.

Aric Stewart (13):
      usp10: Implement ScriptGetFontLanguageTags.
      usp10: Replace GSUB_get_lang_table with GSUB_GetFontLanguageTags.
      usp10: Convert tag in LoadedFeature to OPENTYPE_TAG.
      usp10: Implement ScriptGetFontFeatureTags.
      usp10: Replace GSUB_get_feature with GSUB_GetFontFeatureTags.
      usp10: Have load_GSUB_feature return LoadedFeature*.
      usp10: Cache feature lookups.
      usp10: Add more Microsoft Sans Serif fallbacks.
      usp10: Move CMAP functions to opentype.c.
      usp10: Move GDEF functions to opentype.c.
      usp10: Move GSUB functions to opentype.c.
      usp10: Better handle cases in single line edit controls where es->x_offset exceeds line length.
      wineqtdecoder: Lower the Merit of the filters.

Aurimas Fišeras (1):
      po: Update Lithuanian translation.

Austin English (4):
      wine.inf: Add Tcpip/Winsock/Winsock2 service registry keys.
      comctl32: Fix a grammar error in comment.
      photometadatahandler: Add stub dll.
      xpsprint: Add stub dll.

Daniel Lehman (17):
      msvcp90: Use passed in beg to find the length in basic_string<>::replace.
      msvcp90: Make type_info::mangled larger.
      msvcp90: Add num_get<wchar_t> stubs.
      msvcp90: basic_string<>::rfind(ch) should call rfind.
      msvcrt: Make WEOF returned from swscanf signed.
      msvcp90: Fix return value for ctype<wchar_t> do_is(ch).
      msvcrt: Sync _wtempnam with _tempnam.
      msvcrt: Add struct and prototypes for existing _findfirst64 and _findnext64.
      libwine: Use larger buffer in vsnprintfW for large numbers.
      msvcrt: Add _snwprintf_l.
      dbghelp: Use CDECL calling convention for __unDName and callbacks.
      msvcp90: Add basic_ios<wchar_t> stubs.
      kernel32: If string arg to FormatMessage is NULL, use "(null)" instead of crashing.
      msvcp90: Add num_get<char> stubs.
      msvcp90: Forward uncaught_exception to msvcrt.
      msvcp90: Add num_get<short> stubs.
      msvcp90: Flip num_get<char/wchar_t> do_get_long and do_get_ulong in vtable.

Detlef Riekenberg (2):
      shell32: Remove outdated dll names from comments.
      shell32: Reorder functions to avoid forward declarations.

Diego Nieto Cid (1):
      wined3d: Convert rtInternal and glGammaInternal.

Dmitry Timoshkov (4):
      user32: Add some tests for SetFocus/SetActiveWindow called on invalid or belonging to another thread windows.
      user32: Add an invalid window check to SetFocus.
      user32: Add an invalid window check to SetActiveWindow.
      msvcrt: Add some tests for strftime/wcsftime.

Eric Pouech (4):
      winedbg: In x86_64 backend, now recognize 'rep ret' as a valid function return instruction.
      dbghelp: Correctly return flags in SYMBOL_INFO structure for local variables stored in a register.
      dbghelp: When StackWalk fails to get any frame information, create a default one.
      winedbg: Added support for qAttached query packet.

Francois Gouget (24):
      notepad: Remove unused resource strings.
      winmm: Don't include newlines in standard error messages.
      wineboot: Store the RunKey names in regular string variables.
      include: wincodec.idl should not import objidl.idl.
      include: ocmm.idl should import oleidl.idl.
      include: mshtml.idl should import dispex.idl.
      include: tom.idl should import ocidl.idl.
      include: winsxs.idl should not import oleidl.idl.
      comdlg32: Remove some unused string resources that are not present on Windows.
      wineconsole: Don't pad tab labels with spaces.
      msvcp60: Add a trailing '\n' to a couple of TRACE() messages.
      oleview: Mark a couple of button labels as not needing translation.
      ddraw/tests: Fix compilation on systems that don't support nameless unions.
      wshom.ocx: Make debugstr_variant() static.
      jscript: Make some engine functions static.
      ddraw: Make ddraw_reset_enum_callback() and ddraw_surface_destroy() static.
      oleaut32/tests: Use win_skip() when detecting an API is missing.
      oleaut32/tests: Fix the olepicture START_TEST() indentation.
      oleaut32/tests: Skip some tests when OleLoadPictureEx() is not available.
      oleaut32/tests: Once we have a function pointer, use it consistently.
      oleaut32/tests: Skip the VarBstrCat() tests when that API is not available.
      oleaut32/tests: Dynamically load some functions that are missing on early NT4 releases.
      comdlg32: Specify a context for the luminance and saturation abbreviations.
      winhlp32: Standardize the 'Not yet implemented' messages.

Frédéric Delanoy (4):
      po: Update French translation.
      cmd: Avoid unreachable code (Coverity).
      po: Update French translation.
      po: Update French translation.

Gustavo Henrique Milaré (1):
      po: Update Brazilian Portuguese translation.

Hans Leidekker (8):
      msi: Accept a missing left backquote in SQL identifiers.
      msi: VolumeLabel and DiskPrompt are optional fields in the Media table.
      msi: Don't crash on secondary root folders in msi_resolve_target_folder.
      msi: Execute custom actions in the right script.
      fusion/tests: Add a test for IAssemblyCache::QueryAssemblyInfo.
      msi: Fix detection of installed global assemblies.
      msi: Downgrade an error.
      msi: Don't try to ready media for files from a previous installation or files that will be skipped.

Henri Verbeet (45):
      wined3d: Recognize i915g as Intel.
      wined3d: Recognize some more Intel GPUs.
      d3d10/tests: Add a state groups test.
      wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DSHADEMODE typedef.
      wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DFILLMODE typedef.
      d3d10: Add a D3D10CompileEffectFromMemory() stub.
      d3d10: Return D3D10_SVT_VOID instead of 0 from d3d10_variable_type().
      d3d10: Handle D3D10_SVT_BUFFER.
      wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DCULL typedef.
      wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DSTENCILOP typedef.
      ddraw/tests: Add some clipper tests.
      ddraw: Refuse to set a clip list if a clipper is already tracking a window.
      ddraw: Disallow clipped blits in ddraw_surface7_BltFast().
      wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DMATERIALCOLORSOURCE typedef.
      wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DPATCHEDGESTYLE typedef.
      ddraw: Use the window's client rect for clipping.
      ddraw: Implement IDirectDrawClipper::SetClipList().
      ddraw: Convert to integer before adjusting the clipped source rect.
      wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DBACKBUFFER_TYPE typedef.
      wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DSWAPEFFECT typedef.
      wined3d: Allow 10-bpc formats as render targets.
      ddraw: Don't leak the window region if we have an extra clip rect in ddraw_clipper_GetClipList().
      wined3d: Only flip SFLAG_DIBSECTION once in flip_surface().
      wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DSAMPLERSTATETYPE typedef.
      wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DMULTISAMPLE_TYPE typedef.
      ddraw/tests: Add tests for clippers with a destroyed window.
      ddraw: Properly clear the clip list if ddraw_clipper_SetClipList() is called with NULL region data.
      wined3d: Simplify transform flag handling in find_ps_compile_args().
      wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DTEXTURESTAGESTATETYPE typedef.
      wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DTEXTURETRANSFORMFLAGS typedef.
      wined3d: Set SFLAG_PIN_SYSMEM when the application tries to use surfaces that are currently mapped.
      d3d8: Don't expose wined3d internal flags to the application.
      d3d9: Don't expose wined3d internal flags to the application.
      wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DTEXTUREOP typedef.
      wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DTEXTUREADDRESS typedef.
      winecfg: Remove the Direct3D settings.
      wined3d: Hold the wined3d mutex in device_process_message().
      ddraw/tests: Fix some surface locking calls.
      wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DTRANSFORMSTATETYPE typedef.
      wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DBASISTYPE typedef.
      ddraw: Implement width and height changes in ddraw_surface7_SetSurfaceDesc().
      wined3d: Get rid of wined3d_surface_set_format().
      include: Add some missing DDLOCK constants.
      wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DCUBEMAP_FACES typedef.
      wined3d: Get rid of the WINED3DTEXTUREFILTERTYPE typedef.

Huw Davies (1):
      gdi32: Don't create the outline region twice.

Hwang YunSong (2):
      po: Update Korean translation.
      po: Updated Korean translation.

Jacek Caban (40):
      vbscript: Added support for VARIANTREF arguments in multiple argument functions.
      vbscript: Added InStr implementation.
      vbscript: Added InStr tests.
      jscript: Always alloc the first chunk of code buffer.
      jscript: Make 0 an invalid code offset.
      jscript: Get rid of instr_off from expression_t.
      jscript: Use 0 as an invalid label value.
      ieframe: Added ITargetFramePriv2 interface to HlinkFrame object.
      ieframe: Improved test traces.
      mshtml: Use IUri for IHTMLLocation::get_search implementation.
      ieframe: Remove useless #undef.
      vbscript: Added for each loop parser implementation.
      mshtml: Use a helper function for QueryService calls in hlink_frame_navigate.
      mshtml: Use QueryService helper function in SetClientSite implementation.
      mshtml: Use do_query_service in QueryService implementation.
      ntdll: Make LdrLoadDll hotpatchable.
      jscript: Run script tests in version 2 by default.
      ieframe: Added IServiceProvider interface to InternetExplorer object.
      ieframe: Always create doc view window when creating InternetExplore object instance.
      ieframe: Added IHTMLWindow2 stub implementation.
      ieframe: Added IHTMLWindow2 service tests.
      ieframe: Added INewWindowManager stub implementation.
      urlmon.idl: Removed local attributes from IUri and IAuthenticate interfaces.
      ieframe: Added support for SID_SHTMLWindow in WebBrowser::QueryService.
      ieframe: Store embedder iface as IWebBrowser2 in DocHost.
      ieframe: Added semi-stub IHTMLWindow2::close implementation.
      ieframe: Added implementation of AggregatedNavigation2.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLWindow::open implementation.
      mshtml: Added more IHTMLWindow2::open tests.
      jscript: Fixed continue inside for..in statement.
      mshtml: Open document in a new window in IHlinkTarget::Navigate if the document is not embedded.
      mshtml: Reimplement nsIURL::GetDirectory using new helper functions.
      mshtml: Reimplement nsIURL::GetFileName on top of IUri.
      mshtml: Reimplement nsIURL::GetFileBaseName on top of IUri.
      mshtml: Get rid of wrapped nsurl.
      jscript: Don't use break in finally block on pre-IE8 jscript.
      jscript: Run sanity check with invoke_version 0.
      jscript: Fixed jscript tests on some broken versions.
      mshtml: Get rid of wrapped nsIURI in nsWineURI.
      mshtml: Moved NPAPI struct declarations to npplugin.c.

Jörg Höhle (23):
      dsound: Fix the computation of the mixer position in bytes.
      mciseq: Only send non-MCI commands to DefDriverProc.
      mciseq: Check Device ID prior to command invocation.
      mciseq: Refactor use of mciGetDriverData.
      mciseq: wNotifyDeviceID is redundant.
      winmm: Fix conversion to MMTIME, avoid floating point arithmetic.
      mmdevapi: Avoid HeapRealloc when no data need be copied.
      mmdevapi: GetDevicePeriod returns constants.
      winecoreaudio: Fix latency calculation.
      winealsa: Have GetStreamLatency reflect the ALSA period.
      wineoss: GetStreamLatency is constant, SNDCTL_DSP_GETODELAY is dynamic.
      winmm: Ignore broken nBlockAlign and AvgBytes within PCMWAVEFORMAT.
      winealsa: Unify the checks for wBitsPerSample.
      winealsa: Check ValidBitsPerSample and support SND_PCM_FORMAT_S20_3LE.
      mmdevapi: Round buffer size like native in shared mode.
      winealsa: Fix AudioRenderClient Get/ReleaseBuffer protocol.
      mmdevapi/tests: Fix some test failures on native.
      winmm: GetCurrentPadding is superfluous while recording.
      winealsa: Reset accounts for dropped frames in capture mode.
      winealsa: Stop may not use snd_pcm_drop or lose written frames.
      dsound: Vista/XP SP2 reworked the Speaker Configuration.
      wineoss: Reset accounts for dropped frames in capture mode.
      winecoreaudio: Fix AudioCaptureClient Get/ReleaseBuffer protocol.

Kusanagi Kouichi (3):
      gdi32: GetGlyphIndices doesn't substitute glyph.
      winex11.drv: Assign struct.
      winex11.drv: Fix IME status handling.

Luca Bennati (3):
      po: Update Italian translation.
      po: Update Italian translation.
      po: Update Italian translation.

Lucas Fialho Zawacki (1):
      dinput: Added DI_SETTINGSNOTSAVED flag.

Marcus Meissner (7):
      jscript: Mark some function DECLSPEC_HIDDEN.
      usp10: Mark two functions as hidden.
      mshtml: Mark function as hidden.
      wshom.ocx: Mark one function as static, one as hidden.
      msvcrt: Mark various internal functions as hidden.
      ws2_32: Removed dead code (Coverity).
      gdi32: Check return value of REGION_UnionRectWithRegion (Coverity).

Matteo Bruni (9):
      wined3d: Don't try to remove the location flag if it's not there in the first place.
      wined3d: Don't use separate location flags for depth buffers.
      d3d9/tests: Add more INTZ tests.
      d3d9/tests: Fix NP2 check.
      d3d9/tests: Multisampled depth buffer tests.
      d3d8/tests: Add more INTZ tests.
      wined3d: Set depth textures dirty after modifying the underlying surface.
      wined3d: Modify depth-stencil location flags only after allocating the new location.
      wined3d: Handle discarded depth-stencil surfaces with SFLAG_LOST.

Michael Stefaniuc (10):
      jscript: Remove break after return (Smatch).
      ddraw: Fix two memory leaks (Smatch).
      dsound: COM cleanup for the IDirectSoundCaptureBuffer8 iface.
      dsound: Drop "Capture" from the IDirectSoundNotify method names.
      dsound: Add an extra refcount for the capture buffer object.
      dsound: Merge IDirectSoundNotify into the capture buffer object.
      dsound: Make capture behave like native in regards to COM aggregation.
      dsound/tests: Remove some returns in the capture buffer tests.
      dsound/tests: Sanitize START_TEST() in capture.c.
      dsound/tests: Add some COM tests for capture.

Nikolay Sivov (34):
      wshom.ocx: Dump VARIANT parameters, fix instance leak.
      wshom.ocx: Implement IWshCollection::Item() for Desktop folder case.
      wshom.ocx: Implement IWshCollection::Item() for public desktop case.
      wshom.ocx: Implement IWshCollection::Item() for common programs folders.
      wshom.ocx: Added IWshShortcut stub.
      wshom.ocx: Implement IWshShortcut_put_Description().
      wshom.ocx: Implement IWshShortcut_put_WorkingDirectory().
      wshom.ocx: Implement IWshShortcut_put_TargetPath().
      wshom.ocx: Implement IWshShortcut::Save().
      po: Update Russian translations.
      comctl32: Fix TB_SETSTYLE behaviour and return value.
      comctl32: Store style bits provided with WM_CREATE.
      comctl32: Remove redundant parameter from a helper.
      msxml3: Add a stub for IAuthenticate.
      msxml3: Remove wrong ERR(), some renames.
      msxml3: Move put_dataType() test data to a table.
      msxml3: Some put_dataType() tests for nodes without typed data.
      shell32: Store common menu data in a separate structure.
      shell32: Remove redundant loop to count already known value.
      shell32: Use S_OK as successful return code name.
      msxml3: Debug output support for VT_ERROR.
      shell32: Remove menu insertion helper.
      shell32: Get rid of rename helper.
      shell32: Merge ShellView menu implementations into a single file.
      msxml3: Try mshtml container url as a base for relative request url.
      shell32: Merge menu implementations together.
      shell32: Get rid of menu enabling helper.
      shell32: Use shared IUnknown implementation for both vtables.
      shell32: Update to IContextMenu3.
      shell32: Avoid pointer casts when background menu is created.
      shell32: Avoid casts when creating item menu.
      shell32: Unix folder COM cleanup.
      msxml3: Leading space chars are allowed in SelectionNamespaces value string.
      shell32: Rearrange code to avoid forward declarations.

Pablo Saratxaga (1):
      kernel32: Corrections to Walloon locale.

Pierre Schweitzer (9):
      appwiz.cpl: Fix handle leak.
      wineqtdecoder: Fix handle leak.
      winex11.drv: Fix handle leak.
      winecoreaudio.drv: Fix handle leak.
      wininet: Fix handle leak.
      taskmgr: Fix handle leaks.
      winetest: Fix handle leak.
      kernel32: Fix handle leak.
      dplayx: Fix handle leak.

Piotr Caban (21):
      msvcp90: Update data pointer after resizing string.
      msvcp60: Added basic_string<char> support.
      msvcp60: Don't forward _Lockit calls to msvcp90.
      msvcp60: Added partial exceptions support.
      msvcp60: Added basic_string<unsigned short> implementation.
      msvcp60: Fix basic_string::rfind(char) implementation.
      msvcp60: Added full basic_string::_Grow implementation.
      msvcp90: Fix errors related to name demangling.
      msvcp: Sync spec files.
      msvcp60: Fix errors related to name demangling.
      msvcp90: Fix mistakes in spec file.
      urlmon: Fixed UriBuilderFactory IUnknown implementation.
      urlmon: Added Uri IPersistStream stub implementation.
      urlmon: Added Uri IPersistStream_Save implementation.
      urlmon/tests: Added Uri IPersistStream_Save tests.
      urlmon: Added CUri ClassFactory implementation.
      urlmon: Return error in IUri functions on uninitialized object.
      urlmon/tests: Test uninitialized IUri object.
      urlmon: Added Uri IPersistStream_GetClassID implementation.
      urlmon: Added Uri IPersistStream_Load implementation.
      urlmon/tests: Added Uri IPersistStream_Load tests.

Rico Schüller (5):
      d3dx9/tests: Add effect parameter value int test.
      d3dx9/tests: Add effect parameter value object test.
      d3dx9/tests: Add special handling test.
      d3dx9/tests: Add effect parameter value SetBool() test.
      d3dx9/tests: Reset effect parameter value data after each try.

Stefan Leichter (3):
      opengl32: Replace the remaining forwards of wgl functions to gdi32.dll in the spec file with wrapper function.
      hal: Add stub for HalTranslateBusAddress.
      opengl32: Added export glDebugEntry to spec file.

Vincent Povirk (7):
      gdiplus: Implement GdipDrawImagePoints.
      gdiplus: Test GdipCreateBitmapFromHBITMAP with 16-bit dib's.
      gdiplus: Implement GdipCreateBitmapFromHBITMAP for 16-bit dibs.
      include/wincodecsdk.idl: Fix typo.
      windowscodecs: Add a stub IWICMetadataReader/Writer implementation.
      windowscodecs: Implement IWICMetadataWriter::LoadEx.
      windowscodecs: Implement IWICMetadataWriter::GetEnumerator.


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