[pkg-wine-party] [SCM] Debian Wine Gecko packaging branch, master, updated. debian/1.4+dfsg-1-10-g360b3f9

Stephen Kitt steve at sk2.org
Tue Jun 12 12:41:14 UTC 2012

The following commit has been merged in the master branch:
commit fbdaac8fa3c7c9a51ba465f583cc25b77209d83c
Author: Stephen Kitt <steve at sk2.org>
Date:   Tue Jun 12 14:08:06 2012 +0200

    Disable the 64-bit debug build until we can use 64-bit buildds to build the package (either via multiarch or 64-bit wine-bin).

diff --git a/debian/changelog b/debian/changelog
index c86ddbe..f3ed4cf 100644
--- a/debian/changelog
+++ b/debian/changelog
@@ -5,6 +5,8 @@ wine-gecko-1.4 (1.4+dfsg-2) UNRELEASED; urgency=low
   * Add yasm build-dependency which ends up being required on Ubuntu.
   * Add Debian Wine party VCS URLs.
   * Stop making the MSIs and debugging archives executable.
+  * Disable the 64-bit debug build until we can use 64-bit buildds to
+    build the package (either via multiarch or 64-bit wine-bin).
  -- Stephen Kitt <steve at sk2.org>  Mon, 04 Jun 2012 23:40:29 +0200
diff --git a/debian/rules b/debian/rules
index a05a1d6..b5f3ce1 100755
--- a/debian/rules
+++ b/debian/rules
@@ -42,7 +42,10 @@ configure: wine_gecko
-build-indep: wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86/dist wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86-dbg/dist wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86_64/dist wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86_64-dbg/dist
+# The 64-bit debug package needs a 64-bit build platform, so to build it
+# we need either multiarch support on buildds, or 64-bit wine-bin. Until
+# that happens the 64-bit debug package is disabled.
+build-indep: wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86/dist wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86-dbg/dist wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86_64/dist #wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86_64-dbg/dist
 clean: build-clean
@@ -58,7 +61,8 @@ binary-indep: build-indep
 	install -m 644 -D wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86/dist/wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86.msi debian/libwine-gecko$(VERSION)/usr/share/wine-gecko/wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86.msi
 	install -m 644 -D wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86_64/dist/wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86_64.msi debian/libwine-gecko$(VERSION)/usr/share/wine-gecko/wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86_64.msi
 	install -m 644 -D wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86-dbg/dist/wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86-dbg.tar.bz2 debian/libwine-gecko-dbg$(VERSION)/usr/share/wine-gecko/wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86-dbg.tar.bz2
-	install -m 644 -D wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86_64-dbg/dist/wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86_64-dbg.tar.bz2 debian/libwine-gecko-dbg$(VERSION)/usr/share/wine-gecko/wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86_64-dbg.tar.bz2
+	# 64-bit debug package disabled, see above
+	# install -m 644 -D wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86_64-dbg/dist/wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86_64-dbg.tar.bz2 debian/libwine-gecko-dbg$(VERSION)/usr/share/wine-gecko/wine_gecko$(VERSION)-x86_64-dbg.tar.bz2
 	dh_installdocs -i
 	dh_installchangelogs -i
 	dh_compress -i

Debian Wine Gecko packaging

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