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(new) wine64-bin_1.4-7_amd64.deb optional otherosfs
Windows API implementation - binary loader
 Wine is a free MS-Windows API implementation.
 This is still a work in progress and many applications may still not work.
 This package provides instructions for installing 32-bit wine on 64-bit
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wine (1.4-7) unstable; urgency=low
  [ Michael Gilbert ]
  * Set --git-ignore-branch in build scripts
  * Ship a wine64-bin helper package
  * Don't set wine as 'Multi-Arch: allowed' (closes: #676498)
  * Pass --ignore-branch to git-dch
  [ Hilko Bengen ]
  * Exclude deprecated wineprefixcreate files (closes: #677077)
  * Remove libusb dependency
  * Fix mistyped misc:Depends
  * Include localized manpages

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