[pkg-wine-party] Uploading 1.4.1-4 to unstable

Hilko Bengen bengen at debian.org
Tue Oct 2 06:37:53 UTC 2012

* Michael Gilbert:

>> I have prepared and uploaded wine-1.4.1-4. Here is the changelog entry:
> Note that 1.4.1-3 was autorejected due to a lintian error:
> http://lintian.debian.org/tags/usr-share-doc-symlink-without-dependency.html

Yes, I'd seen that.

> I've been quite busy, and was planning to get around to that and your
> patches this weekend (but you've taken care of the latter now).  I was
> just going to add an override to solve the lintian problem for now
> since a real fix (getting rid of all the doc symlinks) is in my
> opinion way too intrusive at this point.  But anyway, your upload is
> also going to get the autoreject until that is fixed.

I may have gotten around for this by adding proper /usr/share/doc
directories for the amd64 packages. An override may still be needed for
i386, though. We can still add it (and document it in the changelog) if
the 1.4.1-4 package is still rejected.


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