[pkg-wine-party] Bug#733648: [wine] winecfg and other wine tools fail on WOW64 WINEPROFILEs

Francesco Presel f.presel at alice.it
Mon Dec 30 17:20:00 UTC 2013

Package: wine
Version: 1.6.1-8
Severity: important

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If I use some wine tool on a 64 bit profile, it fails with:
$%env WINEPREFIX="/home/francesco/.wine64" wine explorer
wine: '/home/francesco/.wine64' is a 64-bit installation, it cannot be 
used with a 32-bit wineserver.
$%env WINEPREFIX="/home/francesco/.wine64" winecfg
wine: '/home/francesco/.wine64' is a 64-bit installation, it cannot be 
used with a 32-bit wineserver.

This makes it difficult to use 64 bit binaries, since they require a 
64-bit profile and such a profile can't be easily configured due to this 
Is it possible, inside the script in /usr/bin/wine, to detect whether 
the WINEPROFILE you are currently using (by setting the WINEPROFILE 
variable or the default prefix if the variable is not set) is 32 or 64 
bit, and fallback to that architecture instead of using the 32 bit 
executable by default?

Moreover, there should be (by documentation) the possibility to select 
the desired architecture by using the variable WINEARCH (=win32 or win64).
Finally, I believe that, if the 64 binary is installed, the default 
value for winearch should be win64 and not win32, because a WOW64 
profile is compatible with 32 bit applications, but not vice versa.

To summarize, my suggestion is the following behaviour, in the following 
1- if only wine32 or only wine64 exist, use that.
2- if WINEARCH is set, use the executable according to that; return 
error if the profile or the binary you are running is not compatible 
with the architecture requested.
3- If the argument (converted - if necessary - to a unix style path) is 
an existing file, use 64 bit if it is a 64 bit executable and 32 bit 
otherwise (for compatibility with 16-bit binaries, from what I understand)
4 - If it is not (the argument is probably "one of the Windows 
executables shipped with Wine"), check if WINEPROFILE is set (otherwise 
set it to $HOME/.wine), then check if this profile exists and choose the 
wine binary according (do this also for winecfg)
5 - If you arrive here, it means that the prefix has yet to be created. 
In this case, by default, create a WOW64 profile (by using the 64 bit 
version of wine).

I hope this makes sense. Anyway, thanks for updating wine, I was really 
waiting for wine WOW64 support to arrive in Debian too!

--- System information. ---
Architecture: amd64
Kernel: Linux 3.11.8-desktop-f

Debian Release: jessie/sid
900 testing ftp.nluug.nl
900 solydxk ftp.nluug.nl
900 solydxk community.solydxk.com
850 testing debian.fastweb.it
800 unstable debian.fastweb.it
750 experimental debian.fastweb.it
500 wheezy linux.dropbox.com
500 home:ksmanis download.opensuse.org
400 testing debian.linuxmint.com
400 debian packages.linuxmint.com

--- Package information. ---
Depends (Version) | Installed
file | 1:5.14-2
wine32 (>= 1.6.1-8) | 1.6.1-8
wine64 (>= 1.6.1-8) | 1.6.1-8

Package's Recommends field is empty.

Suggests (Version) | Installed
wine-doc | 1.0.0-1
binfmt-support | 2.0.16
ttf-mscorefonts-installer | 3.5
winbind | 2:4.0.11+dfsg-1
avscan |
OR klamav |
OR clamav | 0.97.8+dfsg-1

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