[pkg-wine-party] Bug#707226: package wine does not insall wine on amd64)

email.bug at arcor.de email.bug at arcor.de
Sat Jun 1 06:28:48 UTC 2013

reopen: 707226

> If you install the wine package instead of wine-bin, you will get the
> wine64-bin package,

Yes, that is also what the bug title says and exaclty what happened by
installing a package that depends on wine.

> which will present the above helpful info to the
> user.

Unfortunately not, and  it was't helpfull. It seems rather misleading have a package
that seems to be installed correctly but executing it will not produce its

The dependecy is actually only fullfilled by providing the true wine functionality.

Thus the suggestion to let the wine64-bin package execute a post-inst script or similar,
to install  the 32bit version, instead of pretending to be wine and delivering only a string.

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