[pkg-wine-party] Bug#707226: package wine does not install wine on amd64

email.bug at arcor.de email.bug at arcor.de
Sun Jun 2 08:38:13 UTC 2013

 > If you believe in that solution, please feel free to provide a patch.
> Complaints without action tend to be counter-productive time wasters.

Exactly. That would surely be the answer if filing this for packages that depend on wine.

Exept, wine-party is resposible for a package that currently suffers from not
being able to fulfill the dependency and simply hasn't put the workaround's
("hello world" message) in the right place yet.

Sorry, I won't bother other packages' devs that are not in the position to throw in
a debconf question in the right place, to make sure all *admins* are 
getting informed properly.

Nevermind, as an admin I reported the issue after having gone through troubles, and it
is the pkg-wine-party decision to appreciate it or not.

The thing is as simple as "package wine does not install wine on amd64".
Install time informations would surely be appreciated if only an incomplete 
installation happened.

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