[pkg-wine-party] Bug#758291: [wine-development] Please use Debian's alternative system

jre jre.winesim at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 11:39:05 UTC 2014

Package: wine-development
Version: 1.7.24-3
Severity: wishlist

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to solve many issues related to the new wine-development packages with
the -development suffix) I suggest the following:

1.) stable branch:
provide binaries/manpages with suffix -stable (e.g.

2.) development branch:
provide binaries/manpages with suffix -development (e.g.

3.) both branches:
provide wine without a suffix using Debian's alternative system, e.g.
/usr/bin/wine --> /usr/bin/wine-stable
/usr/bin/winecfg --> /usr/bin/winecfg-stable

Perhaps this was already what you intended to do, don't know. I had this
idea when I saw your recent suffix additions (before seeing that they
break wine internals) and suddenly realized that extending this to the
stable branch should make implementing Debian's alternative system
really easy. Before I thought about implementing it by directly linking
to the files in /usr/lib/.

This would solve #758290 (wineapploader scripts like winecfg),#758176
(Desktop launchers), #750880 (winetricks) and any other 3rd party
problems (e.g. playonlinux can't use system's wine-development).


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