[pkg-wine-party] Bug#758312: Bug#758312: wine-development: please provide an upgrade path

jre jre.winesim at gmail.com
Sun Aug 17 15:00:27 UTC 2014


On 08/17/2014 02:38 PM, LOMBARD Maxime wrote:
> Make a difference between the stable and unstable version of wine can be
> a good idea BUT only in the package's name and not in the application's
> name.
> For me actually, it's very complicated and it will be more difficult to
> resolv bug ...
> Why you don't create the wine's package like from Ubuntu, it's more easy :
> *** Stable Wine's package ***
> wine package which include all files installed in "/usr/bin"
> libwine package which include all files installed in "/usr/lib/*/wine"
> *** Unstable Wine's package ***
> wine-unstable package which include all files installed in "/usr/bin"
> without suffixe
> libwine-unstable package which include all files installed in
> "/usr/lib/*/wine" without suffixe.
> And failed the both installations. Example, wine is in conflict with
> wine-unstable and vice-versa.
> If a user install wine-unstable package, it uninstall automatically wine
> package.

Well, this is not really related to #758312 since this one is indeed
about the package names and the transition -unstable --> -development.

Anyway; afaik it was a long standing goal to make both wine versions
(including their 32bit and 64bit versions) coinstallable. This I would
really like to see.
Still I agree that working directly with the suffix'ed versions really
is a pain and does not meet user's expectations.
Therefore in bug  #758291 ([wine-development] Please use Debian's
alternative system) I requested/suggested an actual solution which imho
should make us all happy.
Without it I would tend to prefer your solution.

I think we are finally quite close to actually get the wine packages
that were planned for many painful years now (again a so huge thank you
to Michael here). I hope to send a first patch to #758291 tomorrow which
implements the alternative system at least for the -development packages.

I CC'd that bug because I think discussing this topic is more
appropriate there (or directly at the pkg-wine-party list).


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