[pkg-wine-party] Bug#691110: Bug#691110: Bug#691110: closed by Michael Gilbert <mgilbert at debian.org> (Re: Bug#691110: wine: WINEDEBUG=-all does not shut down useless warning that corrupt output)

Michael Gilbert mgilbert at debian.org
Tue Jun 17 22:37:35 UTC 2014

control: reopen -1
control: notfixed -1 1.7.19-1

>> Isn't that more of a helpful warning message, rather than an unwanted
>> debugging message?
> It is not helpful since wineconsole is designed to work under ncurses.
> Even if you do
> DISPLAY= WINEDEBUG=-all wine wineconsole --backend=curses cmd |& head -n2
> or even
> DISPLAY= WINEDEBUG=-all wine cmd |& head -n2
> you still get the message about X.

As suggested previously, please submit that as an upstream bug since
this isn't a Debian packaging issue.

Best wishes,

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