[pkg-wine-party] Lintian errors for wine and wine-development on PTS

jre jre.winesim at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 19:23:19 UTC 2014


I just checked how big the chances are that the current wine packages
reach testing before the freeze on November 5th.

I was quite surprised when I saw that the PTS shows lintian errors for them:

https://qa.debian.org/bls/packages/w/wine.html (1.6.2-13)
https://qa.debian.org/bls/packages/w/wine-development.html (1.7.29-2)

I didn't get these for my recent build of wine 1.6.2-13 with cowbuilder
set to jessie amd64/i386 with lintian 2.5.28. So no idea what's wrong
now and therefore not filing a bug.

In order to have all changes in Jessie (not only release-critical bug
fixes), acceptable packages should be uploaded until October 26th. See

Current versions in Jessie are:
wine 1.6.2-8
wine-development 1.7.27-1


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