[pkg-wine-party] Bug#767011: wine-development: WINELOADER from script is not passed (strange)

jre jre.winesim at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 02:13:33 UTC 2014

control: notfound -1 1.7.27-1
control: found -1 1.7.28-1
control: found -1 1.7.28-2
control: found -1 1.7.28-3

It seems to be /some/ change made in 1.7.28-1.

It still works in 1.7.27-1, but fails in 1.7.28-3.

1.7.28-2 just fixed an FTBFS due to an incorrect manpage path and
1.7.28-3 just added a missing fi (I verified that in the git
repository). So although these two don't work at all, I think it is safe
to assume that they already contained the bug.

Further information:

Immediately after a failed attempt the wine (stable) wineserver is
running (/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/wine/bin/wineserver).

This package combination works:
$ dpkg -l "*wine*"|grep ii|sed "s|Windows.*||g"|sort
ii  libwine-development:amd64    1.7.27-1     amd64
ii  libwine-development:i386     1.7.27-1     i386
ii  libwine-gecko-2.21           2.21+dfsg2-1 all
ii  libwine-gecko-2.24           2.24+dfsg-1  all
ii  libwine:i386                 1.6.2-14     i386
ii  wine                         1.6.2-14     amd64
ii  wine32                       1.6.2-14     i386
ii  wine32-development           1.7.27-1     i386
ii  wine64-development           1.7.27-1     amd64
ii  wine-development             1.7.27-1     amd64

The line wrapping in my first mail was unfortunate. E.g. this should
have been one line:

WINELOADER=/usr/lib/wine-development/wine WINEDEBUG=fixme+all,err+all
/usr/lib/wine-development/wine notepad

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