[pkg-wine-party] Bug#758291: Bug#758291: Bug#758291: Complete solution for update-alternatives

jre jre.winesim at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 15:13:47 UTC 2014


[I forgot to answer to the bug last time, see my last answer at the end
of the message.]

Everything works. No new package names.
Just take alternatives-wine1.6.2.patch and
Consider merging the packaging to avoid some corner case issues due to
the new suffix -stable.

Long story:

Attached you'll find 3 patches. The packages build, are installable and
changing the alternative between stable and development works.

I successfully  tested:

- wine --version
- wine OriginSetup.exe
- wineboot

wineboot (stable) requires a .wine to exist, but this issue is also
present in 1.6.2-8.

For current master (1.7.26-2):

Choose between these two patches (they install identical stuff):

- alternatives-master_DEBSUFFIX.patch
- alternatives-master_minimal.patch

The first one introduces a new variable DEBSUFFIX to make merging stable
and development packaging sometime easier.

The second (minmal) one simply uses VERSION. This will require work when
merging stable and development packaging, since VERSION is empty for
stable, thus there would be name collisions. I recommend not to use this

For debian/wine-1.6.2 (1.6.2-8):

- alternatives-wine1.6.2.patch

This works for the current packages. But see issues 1 & 2 below, and
consider merging the packaging now.

You'll find everything also in my git repository at
https://github.com/jre-wine/wine in the branches

- debian/wine-1.6.2UpdateAlternatives-minimal
- masterUpdateAlternatives-minimal
- masterUpdateAlternativesDEBSUFFIX


1.) -stable in names

Introducing wine-stable et al. causes the same problems like for
wine-development. This does no harm as long as you use "wine" as
alternative for "wine-stable" (which is the default setup).

But if you directly use the -stable suffixed names AND wine-development
is set to provide the alternatives, then strange things might happen.
E.g. you create a Desktop launcher with "wine-stable". In it solely
"wine" is mentioned, which might point to wine-development.

2.) /usr/bin/wine32|64

These two files are only in the stable wine package and not covered by
the alternatives system. This may be confusing when /usr/bin/wine points
to wine-development.

3.) Breaks or Conflicts?

I added a "wine-developments breaks wine <<" to avoid filename
conflicts (e.g. the new alternatives link /usr/bin/wine vs. the script
/usr/bin/wine (wine 1.6.2-8) which is called /usr/bin/wine-stable now).

--> I don't know whether to make this a Breaks or a Conflicts.

Breaks allows to install an unconfigured wine-development next to wine
1.6.2-8. While this causes no errors, you'll just miss wine-development
in the alternatives system until you install and configure it.
dpkg-reconfigure wine-development didn't help here.

lintian complained about the Conflicts being versioned. But since this
makes sense in our case it might be better to use the versioned
Conflicts and add a lintian-override.


On 09/07/2014 04:13 AM, jre wrote:
> Hi
>> First of all, thanks a bunch for all the work you've been doing lately
>> for the wine packages.
> Thanks, much appreciated.
>> I wasn't planning on merging the source for the two until after
>> jessie, and would prefer not to do that yet.  Is there any way you
>> could work these changes out so that it doesn't involve major
>> disruption to the wine stable package?
> Well, it would ease maintaining the packages in jessie.
> Anyway I'll post the appropriate patches soon and then open a separate
> bug with patches for a merged packaging.
> Greets
> jre

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