[pkg-wine-party] Wine release 1.7.50

Alexandre Julliard julliard at winehq.org
Fri Aug 21 14:07:31 UTC 2015

The Wine development release 1.7.50 is now available.

What's new in this release (see below for details):
  - New version of the Gecko engine based on Firefox 40.
  - First steps of the Direct3D 11 implementation.
  - Better font matching in DirectWrite.
  - Support for OpenMP on ARM platforms.
  - Various bug fixes.

The source is available from the following locations:


Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:


You will find documentation on http://www.winehq.org/documentation

You can also get the current source directly from the git
repository. Check http://www.winehq.org/git for details.

Wine is available thanks to the work of many people. See the file
AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.


Bugs fixed in 1.7.50 (total 39):

  12454  iriver Plus 3 fails to start due to missing msvcirt.dll ?sh_read at filebuf@@2HB export
  23650  PowerPoint 2007 insensitive to changes in screen resolution
  25225  MPLAB IDE v8.60 toolbars getting reorganised every time when the window minimized and restored
  26688  Multiple games crashes on unimplemented function vcomp.dll.omp_init_lock (Risen, Hearts of Iron III demo)
  28444  zenilib applications: crash when attempting to use d3dx9 for rendering
  29081  Drag and Drop: Duplicate entries in winamp playlist window
  29468  not able to click anything on Star Wars Republic Commando launcher
  30397  Multiple applications need support for NtSetInformationFile class FileDispositionInformation (Cygwin installer, Stylizer 5.x Visual CSS editor, Spoon Studio 2011 (ex Xenocode) application sandboxing scheme)
  30399  Multiple games and applications need support for 'NtSetInformationFile' class 'FileRenameInformation' (Spoon Studio 2011 based Stylizer 5.x, Boost.Interprocess based Tera Online, MSYS2 installer)
  31856  TextPad full screen view toggle broken
  31895  The main character is not rendered in Synaesthete
  32531  Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 crashes on unimplemented function KERNEL32.dll.CreateThreadpoolWork (Vista+ API)
  32671  PhotoLine 32 v18.x crashes on startup (missing error handling on creation of multi-profile color transform)
  33430  Santander bank security module crashes during StormFish installation
  36163  valgrind shows an unitialized variable in programs/cmd/tests/batch.c
  36457  Hearts of Iron III Demo and Europa Universalis:Rome crash with unimplemented function vcomp.dll._vcomp_enter_critsect
  37225  QQ 6.3: QQApp.exe Crashes after login
  37478  cmd doesn't handle "else if" correctly in all cases
  38153  Don't work Radmin viewer 3.5
  38224  AcceptEx detaches the socket from its IO completion port
  38343  Unimplemented function mfplat.dll.MFGetPluginControl
  38435  Xfire 2.0 crashes on unimplemented function fltlib.dll.FilterLoad
  38611  Samsung Smart View 2.0 (.NET 4.x WPF app): text does not render (IDWriteGlyphRunAnalysis is not implemented)
  38698  wineconsole: Altering line InsertMode with the Insert key should not be permanent
  38755  Unable to run "Twitch Bandwidth Test": calling to unimplemented function IPHLPAPI.DLL.SetPerTcpConnectionEStats
  38955  Visual Studio Code installer crashes on startup (parsing of overly long string-format security descriptor causes stack corruption)
  38967  Lotus Approach from Lotus Smartsuite 9.8 crashes on startup (OLE compound document files v3 may contain junk in high part of size)
  38976  Hospital Tycoon crashes after the intro videos with built-in d3dx9_36
  38977  Tabs are rendered as a rectangle in license text of Quake III Arena demo installer
  38988  .NET applications using System.Decimal to float conversion may return wrong results ('VarR4FromDec' divisor integer overflow)
  39028  Built-in iexplore crashes when opening forum/blog entries on hup.hu (crash in get_frame_by_name("yterr")
  39031  Schein demo needs vcomp110.dll._vcomp_master_begin
  39040  Office 2010 applications enter installation configuration steps then exit
  39058  Schein demo needs vcomp110.dll._vcomp_flush
  39096  Nvidia Physx uninstaller completely removes PATH registry key from 'HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment'
  39099  Wine's msiexec crashes when invoking Nvidia Physx maintenance tool via 'wine uninstaller -> Modify...'
  39104  [win16] installing application cause "Not Enough Disk Space" MessageBox
  39117  Cross-compilation: Error in zconf.h included from zlib.h included from http.c
  39118  Office 2013 installer fails to start


Changes since 1.7.49:

Aaryaman Vasishta (14):
      d3drm: Change signature of d3drm_device_create.
      d3drm: Add helper for destroying device.
      d3drm: Implement IDirect3DRM::CreateDeviceFromClipper.
      d3drm: Implement IDirect3DRMDevice*::GetDirect3DDevice.
      d3drm: Implement IDirect3DRM{2-3}::CreateDeviceFromClipper.
      d3drm: Implement IDirect3DRMDevice{2-3}::GetDirect3DDevice2.
      d3drm: Implement IDirect3DRM::CreateDeviceFromSurface.
      d3drm: Implement IDirect3DRM{2-3}::CreateDeviceFromSurface.
      d3drm: Implement IDirect3DRM::CreateDeviceFromD3D.
      d3drm: Implement IDirect3DRM{2-3}::CreateDeviceFromD3D.
      d3drm: GetDirect3DDevice2 returns D3DRM_OK when IDirect3DDevice2 is not available.
      d3drm: Add IDirect3DRMObject to be queried from IDirect3DRMDevice*.
      d3drm: Fix IDirect3DRMDevice3_QueryInterface returning incorrect HRESULT on unsupported interfaces.
      d3drm/tests: Add QueryInterface tests for IDirect3DRMDevice*.

Adam Stachowicz (1):
      po: Update Polish translation.

Akihiro Sagawa (3):
      usp10/tests: Add tests for control character glyphs.
      usp10: Display the blank glyph for some control characters (truetype/opentype).
      usp10: Display the blank glyph for some control characters (non truetype/opentype).

Alex Henrie (1):
      mshtml: Use the same click event handler for anchor and area elements.

Alexandre Julliard (2):
      secur32: Avoid ssize_t type that causes printf format warnings.
      server: Store modification time as a key comment to avoid losing precision.

Alistair Leslie-Hughes (4):
      d3dcompiler: Add D3DCompileFromFile, D3DCompile2 stubs.
      advapi32: Prevent buffer overrun.
      include/d3dcommon.idl: Add missing typedefs.
      include: Add more WELL_KNOWN_SID_TYPE values.

Andrew Eikum (3):
      xaudio2: Implement IXAudio27::Initialize.
      xaudio2: Add stub IXAudio2MasteringVoice implementation.
      xaudio2: Stub IXAudio2SourceVoice.

Andrey Gusev (2):
      Assorted spelling and typos fixes.
      po: Update Ukrainian translation.

André Hentschel (11):
      comctl32/tests: Add ARM and ARM64 arch strings.
      kernel32/tests: Add more ARM and ARM64 arch strings.
      user32/tests: Add ARM and ARM64 arch strings.
      ntdll: Fix stack alignment on ARM64.
      ntdll: Add support for Win 10.
      vcomp/tests: Comment out architecture dependent tests (shift count overflow).
      vcomp/tests: Add ARM and ARM64 arch strings.
      vcomp/tests: Make float test i386 only.
      vcomp: Add ARM support.
      rpcrt4: Add ARM support.
      ntdll/tests: Add ARM64 support for map protection tests.

Aurimas Fišeras (1):
      po: Update Lithuanian translation.

Bruno Jesus (3):
      msvfw32: Make it easier to recognize missing media codecs.
      include: Add tcpestats.h.
      iphlpapi: Add a stub for SetPerTcpConnectionEStats.

Carlo Bramini (6):
      wmc: Remove redeclaration of optarg and optind.
      wrc: Remove redeclaration of optarg and optind.
      winecfg: Simplify code by using SetDlgItemInt.
      msvcrt: Call SetFilePointer() with correct parameters.
      msvcrt: Use MSVCRT_xxx macros instead of the same ones from GLIBC.
      msvcrt: SEEK_* macros from GLIBC should be replaced with safer MSVCRT_SEEK_* macros.

Daniel Lehman (1):
      msxml3: Fix crash when merging Text nodes.

Dmitry Timoshkov (14):
      ntdll: Separate image relocation from NtMapViewOfSection.
      msi: Avoid using dialog record after free.
      advapi32/tests: Fix compilation with PSDK.
      advapi32/tests: Add a test to show that PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION should implicitly grant PROCESS_QUERY_LIMITED_INFORMATION access.
      server: Keep a pointer to parent's fd unix_name in the closed_fd structure.
      ntdll: Do not fail to relocate an image if the size of relocation block is 0.
      kernel32/tests: Fix compilation with PSDK.
      kernel32/tests: Add some tests for PROCESS_QUERY_LIMITED_INFORMATION.
      kernel32/tests: Add some tests for THREAD_QUERY_LIMITED_INFORMATION.
      advapi32/tests: Add a test to show that THREAD_QUERY_INFORMATION should grant THREAD_QUERY_LIMITED_INFORMATION.
      server: Add implicit PROCESS_[QUERY|SET]_LIMITED_INFORMATION access.
      server: Add implicit THREAD_[QUERY|SET]_LIMITED_INFORMATION access.
      server: For querying process information demand PROCESS_QUERY_LIMITED_INFORMATION access.
      server: For querying thread information demand THREAD_QUERY_LIMITED_INFORMATION access.

Eric Kohl (1):
      advapi32: Add some well-known SDDL SID strings.

Erich Hoover (1):
      server: Do not permit FileDispositionInformation to delete a file without write access.

Gerald Pfeifer (2):
      d3dcompiler_43: Define BWRITER_SM1_VS and BWRITER_SM1_PS as unsigned constants.
      oleaut32: Use proper unsigned type in EXPECT_I8(high,low).

Hans Leidekker (9):
      wbemprox: Fix evaluation of LIKE queries.
      iphlpapi: Set the adapter LUID in GetAdaptersAddresses.
      iphlpapi/tests: Fix a couple of test failures.
      include: Add missing SSPI declarations.
      secur32: Implement a couple of identity helper functions.
      credui: Add a partial implementation of SspiPromptForCredentials.
      iphlpapi: Use WS_AF_INET instead of AF_INET where appropriate.
      iphlpapi: Implement GetIfTable2.
      msi: Only remove environment strings that were added on install.

Henri Verbeet (18):
      iphlpapi: Simplify the calculation of "ptr" in CreateSortedAddressPairs().
      d3d10core: Add locking around wined3d calls.
      d2d1: Get rid of a FIXME in d2d_solid_color_brush_init().
      d2d1: Get rid of a FIXME in d2d_bitmap_brush_init().
      d2d1: d2d_bitmap_brush_init() can't fail.
      d2d1: Get rid of a FIXME in d2d_wic_render_target_init().
      d2d1: Only print a FIXME/WARN for specific properties in d2d_d3d_render_target_init().
      d2d1: Only print a FIXME/WARN for specific properties in d2d_factory_init().
      d2d1: Print a WARN instead of a FIXME for the glyph run description in d2d_text_renderer_DrawGlyphRun().
      d2d1: Only draw if the geometry has any faces in d2d_d3d_render_target_FillGeometry().
      d2d1: Make d2d_geometry_sink_vtbl static const.
      wined3d: Also invalidate STATE_SHADER_RESOURCE_BINDING in wined3d_texture_bind_and_dirtify().
      wined3d: Separate loading shader resources and updating their binding points.
      d3d10core: Implement d3d10_device_UpdateSubresource().
      d2d1: Implement d2d_bitmap_CopyFromMemory().
      d2d1: Implement d2d_text_renderer_DrawInlineObject().
      d2d1: Properly cleanup in d2d_rectangle_geometry_init() failure paths.
      d2d1: Implement d2d_factory_CreateTransformedGeometry().

Hugh McMaster (5):
      kernel32: Reset insert key toggle when Insert Mode changes.
      uninstaller: Add WriteConsoleW support.
      uninstaller: Output Unicode program names in CLI mode.
      uninstaller: Add WriteFile fallback.
      uninstaller: Add help switch and usage information.

Huw D. M. Davies (3):
      ws2_32: Avoid using inet_ntoa() which isn't thread-safe.
      gdi32: Add tests for GetFontRealizationInfo, GetFontFileInfo and GetFontFileData.
      gdi32/tests: 64-bit GetFontFileInfo may fail with error ERROR_NOACCESS.

Indrek Altpere (1):
      mshtml: Handle nsIDOMWindow_GetFrames returning NULL.

Iván Matellanes (7):
      msvcirt: Allocate a buffer if necessary when a file is opened.
      msvcirt: Implement filebuf::setmode.
      msvcirt: Implement filebuf::setbuf.
      msvcirt: Implement filebuf::sync.
      msvcirt: Implement filebuf::overflow.
      msvcirt: Implement filebuf::underflow.
      msvcirt: Implement filebuf::seekoff.

Jacek Caban (15):
      mshtml: Wine Gecko 2.40 release.
      widl: Allow [version] attribute to be used on structs in winrt mode.
      widl: Added support for namespaced structs.
      windows.foundation.idl: Added struct declarations.
      ieframe: Store container IOleCommandTarget in DocHost.
      ieframe: Use stored IOleCommandTarget in Exec implementation and get rid of no longer needed exec in IDocHostContainerVtbl.
      ieframe: Added support for DownloadBegin and DownloadComplete events.
      ieframe: Properly test events when container doesn't support IOleCommandTarget add added more tests.
      mshtml: Added IHTMLCurrentStyle3::whiteSpace property implementation.
      mshtml: Properly handle request aborted inside OnStartRequest.
      ieframe: Don't add about: URLs to travellog.
      ieframe: Update back/forward command state in FireNavigateComplete2.
      ieframe: Update back/forward navigation state in CMDID_EXPLORER_UPDATEHISTORY handler.
      ieframe: Fixed and improved navigation command state tests.
      ieframe/tests: Added more test traces to diagnose some test failures.

Jianqiu Zhang (1):
      ntdll/tests: Add basic tests for FileRenameInformation.

Józef Kucia (9):
      d3d10core/tests: Fix copy-paste mistake.
      includes: Add D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain declaration to d3d11.idl.
      d3d10core: Do not use '\n' in the middle of TRACEs.
      d3d10: Do not use '\n' in the middle of TRACE.
      dxgi: Remove 'stub!' from TRACE message in dxgi_swapchain_ResizeBuffers().
      d3d11: Add ID3D11Device stub interface.
      d3d11: Move d3d10core to d3d11.
      d3d11: Implement D3D11CreateDevice.
      d3d11: Rename d3d10_device to d3d_device.

Ken Thomases (1):
      winemac: Tell Wine when Cocoa brought a clicked window forward even if it sent the click event.

Michael Müller (5):
      winhttp: Remove unused variable in read_reply().
      imagehlp: Remove unused structure.
      winhttp: Raw request headers need to be terminated with double \r\n.
      winecfg: Do not overwrite theme each time an item is drawn.
      krnl386.exe16: Increase buffer size in GetTempDrive.

Michael Stefaniuc (2):
      qedit: COM cleanup for IEnumMediaTypes of SampleGrabber.
      qedit: Simplify/fix the creation of the IEnumMediaTypes.

Nikolay Sivov (18):
      dwrite: Fix font table tag tracing.
      dwrite: Use OS/2 table data to set font style, make it preferable.
      dwrite: Set font stretch from 'head' table as a fallback.
      dwrite: Improve the way font weight is set with both OS/2 and 'head' values.
      dwrite: Use better font matching algorithm based on weight/stretch/style triples.
      dwrite: Fix family name extraction order.
      dwrite: Improve face name extraction.
      dwrite/tests: Some tests for target hdc mode/transform.
      include: Added IImgCtx definition.
      dwrite: Implement outline mode for DrawGlyphRun().
      dwrite: Use aliased outline threshold for GDI target.
      dwrite: Implement font style resolution from name strings.
      po: Update Russian translation.
      dwrite: Implement font stretch resolution.
      dwrite: Extract and resolve font weight from name string.
      dwrite: Protect from space-only strings when trimming away spaces.
      dwrite/tests: Fix layout test failure on Win10.
      dwrite/tests: Fix analyzer test failures on Win10.

Piotr Caban (2):
      ntdll: Fix modules order in InInitializationOrderModuleList.
      imm32: Use IMM context keyboard layout when possible.

Qian Hong (1):
      ntdll/tests: Add tests for FileLinkInformation class.

Sebastian Lackner (21):
      wininet/tests: Print the correct function name in ok() messages.
      ntdll: Move cookie initialization code from memory management to loader.
      d3dcompiler: Implement semi-stub for D3DCompile2.
      server: Initialize irp->thread immediately after creation of irp_call object.
      server: Avoid leaking uninitialized stack memory to applications.
      vcomp: Implement stub for _vcomp_flush and add tests.
      vcomp: Implement omp_init_lock and omp_destroy_lock.
      vcomp: Export omp_init_nest_lock and omp_destroy_nest_lock.
      vcomp: Implement OpenMP nested locking functions.
      vcomp: Implement OpenMP regular locking functions.
      oleaut32: Fix possible integer overflow in VarR4FromDec.
      server: Add support for setting file disposition information.
      server: Initialize table->handles immediately after creation of atom table.
      server: Avoid invalid memory accesses when create_console_output fails.
      server: Avoid invalid memory access when create_console_input fails.
      include: Add definition for FILE_LINK_INFORMATION struct.
      ntdll/tests: Add additional tests for FileRenameInformation.
      ntdll: Implement FileRenameInformation support.
      server: Implement support for FileLinkInformation class in NtSetInformationFile.
      ntdll/tests: Add additional tests for calling NtOpenFile with file object as RootDirectory.
      server: Implement open_file_object for rootdir pointing to file object.

Stefan Dösinger (2):
      wined3d: Use the correct color key in ARBfp color key blits.
      wined3d: Use GL_RGB565 if available.

Thomas Faber (1):
      qmgr: Do not omit mandatory argument to WriteFile.

Thomas Faller (1):
      cmd: Implement 'echo/'.

Vincent Povirk (7):
      comdlg32: Add test for IFileDialogEvents::OnOverwrite.
      comdlg32: Implement overwrite check in item dialog.
      shell32: Use return value from IShellFolder_GetAttributesOf.
      shell32: Fix getting parent shell folder when it's the desktop folder.
      comdlg32: Implement SetControlItemState for menu controls.
      comdlg32: Implement SetControlItemState for combo boxes.
      comdlg32: Partially implement IFileDialogCustomize::EnableOpenDropDown.

YongHao Hu (10):
      msvcp110: Add tr2_sys__Stat and tr2_sys__Lstat implementation and test.
      msvcp110: Add tr2_sys__File_size_wchar implementation and test.
      msvcp110: Add tr2_sys__Equivalent_wchar implementation and test.
      msvcp110: Add tr2_sys__Current_get_wchar implementation and test.
      msvcp110: Add tr2_sys__Current_set_wchar implementation and test.
      msvcp110: Add tr2_sys__Make_dir_wchar implementation and test.
      msvcp110: Add tr2_sys__Remove_dir_wchar implementation and test.
      msvcp110: Add tr2_sys__Copy_file_wchar implementation and test.
      msvcp110: Add tr2_sys__Rename_wchar implementation and test.
      msvcp110: Add tr2_sys__Statvfs_wchar implementation and test.

Zhenbo Li (4):
      msxml3: Handle NULL parameter in IXMLDOMElement::get_ownerDocument().
      mshtml: Add IHTMLSelectElement::name property implementation.
      mshtml: Add IHTMLSelectElement::form property implementation.
      mshtml: Add IHTMLXMLHttpRequest::abort() method implementation.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at winehq.org

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