[pkg-wine-party] Bug#793551: Bug#793551: Bug#793551: Bug#793551: wine-development and khronos-api uploads to jessie-backports

Jens Reyer jre.winesim at gmail.com
Sat Aug 29 15:03:45 UTC 2015

On 08/29/2015 01:38 PM, Stephen Kitt wrote:
> On Sat, 29 Aug 2015 13:27:56 +0200, Stephen Kitt <skitt at debian.org> wrote:
>> On Sat, 29 Aug 2015 07:15:07 +0200, Jens Reyer <jre.winesim at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>> wine-development is not yet in testing, but will probably enter
>>> tomorrow. Then it would be great if Stephen could sponsor it.
>>> khronos-api might be uploaded right now, Mike. Or Stephen does it when
>>> he needs them.
>> Thanks for preparing these; I've uploaded khronos-api, I'll upload
>> wine-development once it's migrated.
> And it already has, so here goes...

Awesome, thanks a lot. I really appreciate your and Mike's reactions.
Looking forward to do more here.

For the future (shortterm, unless I can upload myself) I suggest the
following workflow:

I upload the backported packages from Sid in advance to mentors.d.o and
push the changes to the git branch jessie-backports-1.7.x. I'll keep the
"Needs a sponsor" flag on mentors.d.o. set to No for the whole time.

As soon as the packages have migrated to Stretch I will send you the dsc
link (I guess this belongs to the mailinglist, or should I do that in
private to keep the noise low?).
*In case* I get the feeling that you are not available  I'll make an
official RFS, with pkg-wine-party in CC.

Once the package is in jessie-backports I push the (signed) git tag to git.

Too much overhead or not enough information?


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