[pkg-wine-party] Wine / ARM architectures

Stephen Kitt lists at sk2.org
Wed Dec 9 20:13:34 UTC 2015

Hi Jens,

On Tue, 8 Dec 2015 18:38:28 +0100, Jens Reyer <jre.winesim at gmail.com> wrote:
> two questions about wine/ARM (I'm quite unfamiliar with architecture
> stuff in general, and ARM in particular):
> 1.)
> We recently added armel (https://bugs.debian.org/803480), but the
> packages fail to build there:
> https://buildd.debian.org/status/fetch.php?pkg=wine&arch=armel&ver=1.8~rc3-1&stamp=1449476306
> [...]
> checking whether gcc supports Thumb... no
> configure: error: You need a target with Thumb support to build Wine for
> ARM.
> debian/rules:80: recipe for target 'override_dh_auto_configure' failed
> However, looking at https://wiki.debian.org/ArmEabiPort, I understand
> that armel has Thumb support.
> Is Debian/armel missing some relevant support, do we need to fix
> debian/rules, or is it something else? In the former case I guess we
> should just drop armel again.

The log message is misleading, it's looking for something around ARMv7 but I
haven't been able to figure out what. I imagine most ARMv7 owners would just
use armhf, so unless there's a particular use-case for whatever is meant by
armel support in Wine then there doesn't seem to be much point in supporting
it. (I wondered at one point whether a v6 Raspberry Pi would run it but
apparently not, none of the v6 targets satisfy the configure script.)

> 2.)
> Matching 64- and 32-but architectures:
> For an arm64 system, I assume wine32 should be installed from armhf (and
> optionally from armel in case we fix that)!?
> But installing wine32:i386 (or :powerpc) would not work, or should at
> least not be suggested!?

Yes on all counts.

TBH I'm not sure there's all that much point in trying to come up with a
meaningful 32/64-bit story on ARM though, given the lack of 32-bit ARM
Windows software that makes sense to use on anything but a WinRT device...



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