[pkg-wine-party] Bug#793551: Bug#793551: Bug#793551: wine-development: Consider providing through Backports instead of Stable

Kyle Auble kyle.auble at zoho.com
Tue Jul 28 04:20:50 UTC 2015

On 07/27/2015 05:58 AM, jre wrote:
> Backports is enabled per default on new Debian Jessie installations.

Is this the case though, or is it only for fresh installations? I used 
dist-upgrade from Wheezy, and it was several months ago so I could be 
wrong, but I don't think the upgrade touched my sources.list file. I 
just had my stable and stable-updates sources, plus the wheezy-backports 
line that I had entered myself.

> PS: I'll look into your wiki changes later, thanks.

I'm sure a couple minor mistakes slipped in somewhere, plus I felt 
someone else should do the section on packaging. Beyond the names of 
some of the tools and the control file basics, I'm still learning the 

On 07/27/2015 02:07 PM, Stephen Kitt wrote:
> It is possible to get a package which isn't in stable into backports;
> it only needs to be in testing. (See for example my libevdev package
> which ended up in oldstable-backports.)

That's the impression I had; the whole reason I enabled backports when I 
was on Wheezy was to get pass, which only entered Debian with Jessie. If 
keeping a frozen wine-development in stable has any upside for 
maintenance though, or everyone thinks it's less confusing for users, I 
have no complaints.

On 07/27/2015 06:49 PM, jre wrote:
> Since Jessie 2 build-dependencies were added to wine-development:
> - libxml-simple-perl (is in Jessie)
> - khronos-api (missing in Jessie). I have to take a closer look on this.
> Either I keep the way opengl is handled during the build as it was in
> Jessie, or I also backport khronos-api.

Funny enough, I just stumbled onto libxml-simple-perl while looking into 
multiarch problems. I missed it while putting together the WineWiki 
Debian page because It was already installed on my system. I ran grep on 
the entire wine source tree though, looking for references to 
XML::Simple, and it's actually only used at one point in the make_opengl 

Apparently, it's been in use since a patch by Rico Schuller in late 
2013, but it's actually not directly involved with building wine. If I'm 
not misreading the code, that script automatically downloads OpenGL API 
files from khronos.org, then rewrites some of the source files from 
them. I don't know as much about the khronos-api package, but it sounds 
like it could eventually supersede part of that script.


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