[pkg-wine-party] Bug#812750: wine: Gecko integration is broken

Stephen Kitt skitt at debian.org
Tue Feb 9 20:06:29 UTC 2016

Hi Jens,

On Tue, 9 Feb 2016 19:49:43 +0100, Jens Reyer <jre.winesim at gmail.com> wrote:
> Stephen, can you shed some light on the main problem(s) blocking
> frequent Gecko releases? Let's say, there's some chance that I help.

There are two issues:
* wine-gecko typically requires a git snapshot of mingw-w64, so supporting
  its build in Debian (with the aim of stable releases) requires identifying
  and porting the required patches to the current mingw-w64 release (upstream
  are quite helpful with this)
* updating the licensing information for each new wine-gecko release is
  extraordinarily time-consuming, on the order of 150-200h per release (and
  even then I miss issues) – TBH I've stalled on this, I'm thinking of
  working on a new approach where I just package the files that actually get
  used for the build and worry about the licensing information once I've
  figured that out

Ideally we could piggy-back on the iceweasel licensing information, since the
upstream code is pretty much the same, but that doesn't get updated all that
often so it isn't necessarily all that accurate. (Take that with a pinch of
salt though, I haven't checked the situation recently.)


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