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 If you have any problems, the Wine Troubleshooting Guide is often very useful:
@@ -24,22 +23,20 @@ $ git clone git://anonscm.debian.org/pkg-wine/wine.git
 Or viewed online at:
-Debugging information is no longer output by default.  If you are interested in
-more verbose debugging output, you can set the WINEDEBUG environment variable.
+If you e.g. aren't interested in debugging output, you can set the WINEDEBUG
+environment variable to an empty value.
-$ WINEDEBUG=all wine
-$ WINEDEBUG=all wine-development
+$ WINEDEBUG= wine
+$ WINEDEBUG= wine-development
-If you always want verbose information, you can include an
-"export WINEDEBUG=all" line in your ~/.bashrc file.
+If you never want debug information, you can include an "export WINEDEBUG="
+line in your ~/.bashrc file.
 Old Versions
 If you want to install a previous version of Wine, you should be able to fetch
 prior Debian versions from:
@@ -67,6 +64,25 @@ setup with "rm -rf ~/.wine". This will destroy everything you've installed,
 including configuration and data files, so if you have anything important,
 please back it up first. You can then start fresh.
+Most Windows binaries are 32-bit applications. You need to install wine32 or
+wine32-development to run them. wine64 alone cannot do this.
+On 64-bit systems you need to enable multiarch to install wine32.
+As root, execute e.g.:
+  dpkg --add-architecture i386 && apt update && apt install wine32
+If you have wine32 and wine64 installed Wine will default to a shared 64-bit
+wineprefix that runs (most) 32-bit Windows applications.
+If this causes problems for an application you may create a 32-bit wineprefix
+by running e.g.:
+$ WINEARCH=win32 WINEPREFIX="$HOME/.wine32" wineboot
+If you don't want 64-bit at all, you may remove wine64 and install wine from a
+32-bit architecture (e.g. wine:i386).
 Wine Gecko
 The downloader for Wine Gecko is intentionally disabled in the Debian packages.
@@ -84,7 +100,6 @@ the new Debian libwine-gecko-* package that is needed.
 Automatically Launching Windows Executables
 You can configure wine to automatically launch Windows executables from
 the command line, for example:

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