[pkg-wine-party] WoW64 implemented Re: Call for testing: automatically detect wine arch and WoW64

Jens Reyer jre.winesim at gmail.com
Sat Jan 2 20:31:52 UTC 2016

Done and pushed. My tests so far were successful and I found no
issues/regressions except these 2:

/usr/bin/wine64 has no manpage. I guess the best way to fix this is to
patch the buildsystem to build the wine manpage also for wine64. I will
look into that.

Without wine32 there is no /usr/bin/wine now. I put the multiarch
instructions to the README. Do we live with that, or should we change

I didn't make any wine-development tests. However it seems that wine
always first checks it's bindir (which is =libdir), and else PATH to
find wineserver. I guess this is why this setup works (not sure if we
could move to BINDIR=usr/bin now). For wine-development this probably
means we have to patch the scan of PATH to look for wineserver-development.

On 12/31/2015 09:08 PM, Jens Reyer wrote:
> - Put wineserver in a multiarch:none page, so that only one, the native
> wineserver, is installed.

I made the wineserver's package multi-arch:allowed, because wine32 may
use a foreign 64-bit wineserver, while wine64 requires the native
version. Per default the native version will be installed, but it's also
possible to install a pure 32-bit Wine from i386 on amd64.

Commit history:

I started with a new package wineserverVERSION (commits 1-5). The git
history at that point gives a fully working new setup.

However I decided to put the wineserver in the wineVERSION package and
make that arch specific (commit 6).

Commits 7-9 are documentation and cleanup.

Unrelated to all those changes is the merge of the wine32|64-tools
packages (commit 10). This should be possible now since they aren't
multi-arch'd anymore (wine32-tools was still offered to me by  aptitude,
which I didn't expect after the recent changes. This gave me the idea to
just merge them.)

I added a bit more verbose information to the body of some commit
messages. Hope this helps and that I chose the right amount of information.

I really hope you can confirm the good results I had so far. I'm even
happier with our packages now :)


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