[pkg-wine-party] Bug#819255: wine-binfmt: doesn't register the binfmt on install/remove

Jens Reyer jre.winesim at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 15:08:18 UTC 2016

This is documented in the README.debian, which also gives an explanation
why this doesn't happen automatically (I just added the last paragraph
with removal instructions in git master):

Automatically Launching Windows Executables
You can configure Wine to automatically launch Windows executables from
the command line, for example:
$ notepad.exe

To configure backend support for that, you'll need to install the
wine-binfmt package first and then execute:
$ sudo update-binfmts --import wine

This change increases the risk of inadvertently launching Windows
malware, so please make sure that you understand the security risks
before blindly setting this up.

To remove the support again execute:
$ sudo update-binfmts --package wine --remove wine /usr/bin/wine

However I'd like to discuss system integration more, to see if there is
room for improvement. We (I was the only participant from pkg-wine)
already did so a bit at DebConf, see gobby.debian.org / debconf16 / bof
/ wine (there's not much in that file).

Things to consider:

- Avoid inadvertently launching Windows malware.

- Avoid unexpected filetype associations (*.txt opened with wordpad).

Some data points (I need to investigate that more, or someone enlightens

- Files need to be executable for binfmt support to work.

- binfmt support seems to have no effect in file managers, only
  in the terminal (I assume e.g. mail attachments aren't automatically
  opened either because of binfmt).

- The desktop file (currently not packaged) should be the equivalent in
  file managers, and probably e.g. in mail readers.
  We might ship it in doc/examples of the wine package.

- winemenubuilder (currently enabled)


For the security issue it was proposed at DebConf to implement something
like the (in-)famous Windows question "This application is from an
insecure place, do you really want to execute it?" the first time for
every application. However that would probably have to be implemented
upstream. In the Debian packaging something similar once was implemented.

We might also add a low priority debconf question (default false) to
setup the binfmt support.

Imo winemenubuilder has the biggest potential to annoy users with
unexpected things. However I also see its benefits. Not sure if we
should disable it per default.


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