[pkg-wine-party] Plans for gnome-exe-thumbnailer?

James Lu bitflip3 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 20:39:09 UTC 2016

Hi Jan,

Awesome! I'd recommend splitting gnome-exe-thumbnailer into its own
repository, since it makes fetching the repository source a lot easier.
Create a new repo in GitHub, copy everything in the gnome-exe-thumnailer
folder over, and commit. Afterwards, it might be a good idea to tag the
0.9.4 version ('git tag 0.9.4' or something similar, and then 'git push


On 18/03/2016 1:27 PM, Jan Nekvasil wrote:
>  Hi James,
>  the latest version (0.9.4) is available in
> https://github.com/jan-nekvasil/winezeug/tree/master/thumbnailer, I've
> putted it there on Scott's request on 12 May 2015. A new major version
> with a lot of fixes, revamped internal logic and Android's .apk files
> thumbnaling (see the attached samples) is on the way. Maybe I should put
> it in a dedicated repository on github instead in forked winezeug, I
> really don't know. Alas, my experiences with github and debian packaging
> are very limited. Any suggestions?
> Best regads
> Jan
> From: 	
> 	James Lu
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> 	Pá 18. březen 2016, 20:32:01 CET
> To: 	
> 	Kyle Auble, Scott Ritchie, Jan Nekvasil
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> 	Re: Plans for gnome-exe-thumbnailer?
>> Hi,
>> The current packaging for gnome-exe-thumbnailer was based off Ubuntu's
>> 0.9.3-0ubuntu1 version at
>> http://packages.ubuntu.com/vivid/gnome-exe-thumbnailer. Since then, the
>> copy in Debian replaced the original Ubuntu version because it had a
>> greater version number (0.9.3-2). That's probably why the sites list
>> Debian Wine Party as maintainer instead of Scott Ritchie, the original
>> maintainer. But as far as I know, the sources Launchpad and Debian have
>> are the same now.
>> https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=783277 has some mail
>> related to the whereabouts of the source. Scott and Jan were planning to
>> put the source on GitHub, but I don't think that happened yet. (keeping
>> them in the loop here)
>> Whether the source should remain in Launchpad or not should be decided
>> by Jan and Scott, and not me. I'm not aware of any plans for major
>> changes, but
>> https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-exe-thumbnailer/+bugs is
>> probably the closest thing to an upstream bug tracker. That was there
>> before I introduced exe-thumbnailer to Debian.
>> On a side note, I notice that the old Wine wiki page has since
>> disappeared. I should probably update the homepage that it points to,
>> but I don't see anything good to replace it with. :/
>> (CC'ing Debian Wine party as this is probably relevant there too;
>> exe-thumbnailer is team-maintained in Debian)
>> Best,
>> James
>> On 18/03/2016 11:11 AM, Kyle Auble wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I've recently been working on some of our docs at the Wine project. In
>>> the process, we're trying to get a clear idea of where any supplementary
>>> code is, but I wasn't sure where to direct people looking for the
>>> upstream of gnome-exe-thumbnailer.
>>> Debian PTS, Arch, and the few links on Gnome's website all point to the
>>> repo on Launchpad, but the Launchpad page has the Debian Wine packaging
>>> team listed as maintainers. In a README from an old version though,
>>> Scott R mentioned hoping the code would eventually be hosted upstream (I
>>> wasn't clear on if that meant Wine or Gnome).
>>> I tried emailing Scott, but I noticed he seems to have dropped out of
>>> sight in the past year, and I haven't heard back. As you're the most
>>> recent person to work with the package, I'd be interested in your
>>> thoughts about where the thumbnailer code ultimately belongs and what
>>> work it needs. Is the Launchpad repo still fine for upstream, or do you
>>> think it should be hosted somewhere else? Are there any major changes
>>> you think the program itself needs?
>>> Thank you for your time and enjoy your spring,
>>> Kyle

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