[pkg-wine-party] Bug#818925: [wine-development] Glitches in Windows window systemmenu (minimize, windowed/fullscreen, close)

Joerg Schiermeier debian-bug at Schiermeier-IT.de
Tue Mar 22 21:41:49 UTC 2016

On Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 01:00:21 CET
Jens Reyer wrote:

> so 1.9.5-1 was not affected?
there was neither an error in 1.9.5-1 nor in 1.9.5-3.

1.) How to reproduce this error:
> Do you get this in every window/app? I can't reproduce this, yet.
So here was what I tested - my test settings:
I maintain the mailer 'The Bat!' for wines AppDB

To reproduce the error try this (I started with 'rm -fR ~/.wine'):
1.) Download The Bat! from RitLabs webpage:
2.) Install it via the installer. Use the default settings.
3.) Start the application 'thebat64.exe'.
4.) Create a dummy mail account.
5.) Choose in the main toolbar the item 'Create a new message'.

The window "Edit mail message" isn't under control of the window
manager (in my case this is KDE) and has this strange signs for
minimize, windowed, close. Only windows not under this control are
affected by this mistake.

2.) Answers and results to your suggestions:
> Do you have fonts-liberation installed?
Yes. It have version 1.07.4-1

> Please try the following two things separately (maybe each time with a
> new wineprefix):

> First try some additional fonts from the wine source:
> $ cd fonts/
> $ sudo cp marlett.ttf symbol.ttf tahomabd.ttf tahoma.ttf \
>   wingding.ttf /usr/share/wine/fonts/
First I copied all fonts like yours description. This was working the
glitch disappears. To catch the right suspect I copied than the font
files one by one and discovered that 'marlett.ttf' was the one which
did the trick.

> Then uninstall fonts-wine (make sure that /usr/share/wine/fonts/ gets
> removed).
This wasn't necessary.

> Greets
> jre

Thanks to you Jens!

I would like to have the changes in Debians wine code under source
control for instance of git. I like the bisection mechanism to find the
patch with is to blame (<https://git-scm.com/docs/git-bisect>).


Kindly regards
Joerg Schiermeier

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