[pkg-wine-party] Bug#824673: wine32-development-tools:i386 cannot be installed on amd64

Jens Reyer jre.winesim at gmail.com
Wed May 18 20:07:47 UTC 2016

control: block 823264 by 824673


[ This has already been requested/asked in #823264 (reported against
wine). Added to CC now, but please send answers only to #824673.
Blocking that bug by this one here, because we usually fix stuff in
wine-development first. ]

I wonder if it's really necessary to use wine32-tools at all. Or is
winegcc from wine64-tools, with gcc-multilib installed, producing the
same results if "-m32" is specified?

If we indeed need wine32-tools:

For the dependeny on gcc the following had been suggested:

 gcc | gcc-multilib:amd64 [i386]

I successfully tested this here, but I'm not sure if specifying a
specific package arch this way (":amd64") is allowed. Further
gcc-multilib has no Multi-Arch field, while I'd expect "m-a:foreign" or
at least "allowed" for this to work. I'll ask the multi-arch folks about
that soon.

Is it really necessary to explicitly specify "-m32" for compiling 32-bit
apps on amd64 with wine32(-development)-tools?
If yes, I wonder if this should be mentioned either in the README, or
added with some logic to the winegcc wrapper script.

We also discussed a possible multi-arch dependency on perl in #823264. I
just noticed in dh_perl(1) that ${perl:Depends} gets resolved to perl
*or* perlapi, while no other alternative value is mentioned there. So we
may use:

 ${perl:Depends} | perl:any [i386]

We may even use "perl:any" only, but I'd like to keep the variable in
order to notice if anything changes there. Some way for dh_perl to
handle this would be preferable.
Or we depend on perl:any and recommend ${perl:Depends}.

However I'd like to first know for what exactly perl is needed, and if
perl:any would work for wine, or if native (i386) perl is needed for at
least some things. Anyone?


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