[pkg-wine-party] Bug#824673: wine32-development-tools:i386 cannot be installed on amd64

Javier Serrano Polo javier at jasp.net
Wed May 18 23:21:20 UTC 2016

winegcc from wine64-tools produces a 32-bit object if "-m32" is
specified, as expected. wine64-tools needs to be installed manually to
avoid the 64-bit libwine-dev.

gcc-multilib cannot have Multi-Arch set to "foreign" or "allowed". That
would allow gcc-multilib:any. It would mean that a powerpc system could
use the i386 gcc-multilib to produce ppc64 binaries.

"-m32" is really necessary in amd64 to compile 32-bit programs. This
could be mentioned in a README, but this is like gcc-multilib: winegcc
works like gcc.

Regarding perl, you may want to see https://bugs.debian.org/824696 .
perl is needed for winemaker.
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