[pkg-wine-party] Bug#885548: winetricks: Don't recommend gksu

Jeremy Bicha jbicha at debian.org
Wed Dec 27 21:40:19 UTC 2017

Package: winetricks
Severity: important
Tags: sid buster
User: pkg-gnome-maintainers at lists.alioth.debian.org
Usertags: oldlibs gksu

gksu has been deprecated for years. The intent of gksu is to allow
running apps with elevated privileges but the way to do that is for
the app developer to use PolicyKit to request elevated privileges for
the specific actions that need done instead of for the whole app to
run as root.

For the next major stable release of Debian (codenamed Buster), the
Debian GNOME team plans to default to GNOME on Wayland where gksu does
not even work.

Therefore, the Debian GNOME team intends to either remove gksu or
replace it with a non-functional warning message. gksu is unmaintained
(last upload 2014) and is a security vulnerability.

winetricks recommends sudo | gksu | kdesudo. Please drop gksu from that list.

On behalf of the Debian GNOME team,
Jeremy Bicha

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