[pkg-wml] Bug#639546: slice: missing useless use of cat leads to wrong version number in slice(1)

Carsten Hey carsten at debian.org
Sun Aug 28 00:20:26 UTC 2011

Package: slice
Severity: minor

Hi Axel,

the version number in slice(1) is not replaced whilst the package is


The according line in slice.1 is:
    \&\f(CW at SLICE_VERSION\fR@

The code that leads to this bug is:
        pod2man --section=1 \
                --center="Ralf S. Engelschall" \
                --release="EN Tools" slice.pod |\
        sed -e "s|\@SLICE_VERSION\@|$$V|" >$@

... but it should be something like this untested snippet instead:
        cat slice.pod |\
        sed -e "s|\@SLICE_VERSION\@|$$V|" \
        pod2man --section=1 \
                --center="Ralf S. Engelschall" \
                --release="EN Tools" >$@

The same bugs could also occur in other WML related man pages.


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