Bug#316635: [Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#316635: xfce4-mcs-manager: Resolution settings not accessible through Display

Cyril Brulebois cyril.brulebois at enst-bretagne.fr
Thu Aug 18 08:40:40 UTC 2005

reassign 316635 xfce4-mcs-plugins

Hi again.

Coud it be that some extensions are not available on all platforms? If
I'm correct, the problem of "no resolution" in the treeview of the
display plugin (package: xfce4-mcs-plugins) is due to the missing
XRANDR extension?

Clive Menzies was running an AMD64, and now a G4 (powerpc) with the
same issue.

This is what I've "discovered":

A test is done in:

static void run_dialog (McsPlugin * plugin)
    /* ...*/
    if (haveXrandr) /* line 562 */
		/* fill the treeview */
	} else {
		/* leave it empty */
    /* ... */

This haveXrandr is a static variable defined to false, and turned to
true in 
McsPluginInitResult mcs_plugin_init (McsPlugin * plugin) /* line 230 */
if USE_XRANDR is defined.

That's why I think that Xrandr was not available (on some buildds), but
I'm not sure that this can be.

See you,

Cyril Brulebois
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