[Pkg-xfce-devel] help get rid of the noise in the debian/ubuntu diffs

Simon Huggins huggie at earth.li
Sun Dec 4 02:26:28 UTC 2005

'ello Jani

On Sat, Dec 03, 2005 at 10:20:23PM +0200, Jani Monoses wrote:
> I'd like to ask you if it's not too much to bump the revision on some
> of the packages so we get the same versions and use sid packages
> instead of os-works ones everywhere. Since they started independently
> there are changelog and other misc diffs but which only affect utnubu,
> polluting the real changes with noise, and make it harder for us to
> autosync from debian.

> Another good reason for us is that I am trying to get xfce packages
> into the main section of the ubuntu archives which means they get to
> be officially supported. Having them coming directly from sid eases
> the review process and makes them a lot more credible.

> The package diffs can be seen on utnubu but I'll summarize here.

> xfmedia - we have the os-works version 0.9.1 while sid is still at
> 0.9.0(although
> 0.9.1 seems to be in alioth svn already just not uploaded)
> exo - cannot sync yet as our version is newer. Can a new snapshot get in
> sid, along with thunar if possible ;) ?

I defer to Yves on these really.  I need to look at this and at
xfce4-terminal a little more.  There seem to be a few bugs in the BTS
that need either reporting upstream or fixing etc.

I know Yves has some plan to get exo and thunar into unstable at some
point in the not too distant future.

> battery-plugin - we have a patch to make the reading of acpi battery status
> not show  AC when it's on battery. Needed with kernels released after early
> 2002.

This really really really really really should go upstream.  Can you
create a bug on bugzilla.xfce.org for this?

> datetime,diskperf, minicmd, showdesktop -these are os-works packages, would
> need a bump by 1 or 2 revisions in sid to be syncable.

To be honest I think we'll wait for new upstream versions.  Or is that
what you mean?  That there are upstream versions we're missing?

> we also have two epochs on xffm4 and xfce4-mixer due to historical reasons,
> but those are ugly and I am not expecting you to mess up your version
> history too.

> Also xfce4-taskmanager  is only in ubuntu, and there may be other goodies
> not in debian.

Ah, yeah we've not got around to that.  Also the taskbar plugin would be
good to go in.

I'm glad you're reviewing the stuff in Debian anyway.  It's great to
have more eyes and having Ubuntu input and input from your users is


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