[Pkg-xfce-devel] README: Proposal for unreleased packages/changelog entries

Emanuele Rocca ema at debian.org
Mon Dec 19 15:10:01 UTC 2005

Hello Simon,

* Simon Huggins <huggie at earth.li>, [2005-12-18 20:11 +0000]:
>  Right.  I think what I'd like to standardise on is a changelog entry like:
>  	xfce4-session (4.2.3-2) UNRELEASED; urgency=low
>  	 * blah blah
>  	 -- Yves-Alexis Perez <corsac at corsac.net>  Sun, 06 Nov 2005 22:01:12 +0100
>  That way it's easy to do:
>  	[/pkg-xfce/desktop/trunk]$ grep UNREL */debian/changelog
>  to find out which packages need uploading.

I agree.

>  If your email address isn't in Uploaders (mostly thinking of Jani but
>  any others too) then use the name/email of someone who is or don't put a
>  real name there so that whoever does upload it replaces it.
>  On top of this I'd like to propose that whereever possible we use a
>  common format for changes which are made by more than one person.
>  I personally like:
>   * (Simon Huggins)
>     * blah1
>     * blah2
>   * (Yves-Alexis Perez)
>     * blah3
>     * blah4
>  etc.

I *strongly* agree here, the method based only on initals was less
clear IMHO.

>  And I personally prefer the "closes: #nnnnnn" form of closing bugs and
>  aligning that on the righthand side of the changelog.
>  If anyone wants to argue strenuously for another form then please do so
>  here.

No problem for me.

>  Please DO NOT change old changelogs to reflect these changes.
>  Changelogs should only ever be added to as per policy/best-practice (I
>  forget which).

>  It'd be good to swap the current top entries to UNRELEASED for those
>  packages which aren't in the archive though.


>  Also Jani, yes I think you do want to add a changelog entry which closes
>  that bug to the battery plugin as long as you are happy that it works.
>  I guess changelog entries would ideally hit at the same time as the
>  patch to the package, yes.

>  In terms of testing unreleased packages I'd assume that you've all
>  looked at the debdiff output of both the source (dsc) and the binary
>  packages (changes) from the version in unstable as that's what I tend to
>  look at before I upload.
>  Otherwise useful tests are lintian and linda (are there other tools I
>  forgot?).

Well, other useful tools are described in the chapter 7
('Checking the package for errors') of the New Maintainers' Guide.

I'd like to underline the benefits of testing the build process with
pbuilder; easy and useful. :)

Another useful resource is Matthew Palmer's "Checklist for sponsored

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