Bug#313848: [Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#313848: xfce4-showdesktop-plugin: [INTL:de] German PO file corrections

Wolfram Quester Wolfram Quester <wolfi@mittelerde.physik.uni-konstanz.de>, 313848-maintonly@bugs.debian.org
Fri, 17 Jun 2005 13:38:14 +0200

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Hi alltogether,

On Tue, Jun 14, 2005 at 11:29:44PM +0200, Jens Seidel wrote:
> Hi,
> attached you will find an update of the German PO file de.po.
> Note that this is a semi automatic created mail which contains all issues=
> found during checking most of Debians German PO files. This includes also
> encoding but mostly typo fixes.  Please contact upstream for non-native
> Debian packages to incorporate the changes (even if Debians version is ol=
> since I noticed that the same errors are made again and again over all
> packages.
> Jens

the wording of Jens' suggestion sounds much better than the old one, but
I suggest that the german term "Maus" is used instad of the english word
Mouse in the german translation. Modified patch is attached.



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--- de.po.gz.orig/xfce4-showdesktop-plugin_0.4.0-1_de.po	2005-06-11 16:42:5=
2.000000000 +0200
+++ de.po.gz/xfce4-showdesktop-plugin_0.4.0-1_de.po	2005-06-13 00:17:08.000=
000000 +0200
@@ -30,9 +30,9 @@
 "connected to the plugin internal showdesktop feature. You can reverse it "
 "with this option."
 msgstr ""
-"Normalerweise aktivieren Sie mit dem linken Mousebutton das Showdesktop-"
-"Feature des Windowmanagers, sofern er es supported, und mit dem mittleren=
-"Mousebutton das Showdesktop-Feature des Plugins. Mit dieser Option kann d=
ie "
+"Normalerweise aktivieren Sie mit der linken Maustaste das Showdesktop-"
+"Feature des Windowmanagers, sofern er es unterst=FCtzt, und mit der mittl=
eren "
+"Maustaste das Showdesktop-Feature des Plugins. Mit dieser Option kann die=
 "Belegung vertauscht werden."
 #: panel-plugin/showdesktop.c:621


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