[Pkg-xfce-devel] 4.2.1 notes

Rimas Kudelis rq@akl.lt
Mon, 21 Mar 2005 15:58:23 +0200


I've installed XFCE4.2.1 from experimental. here are my notes. Tell me 
if i should report them as bugs for the package:

1) i get this when trying to apt-get install xfce4:
The following packages have unmet dependencies:
  xfce4: Depends: xfce4-icon-theme (>= 4.2.1) but 4.2.0-1 is to be installed
E: Broken packages

2) The default panel setup has "mozilla" and "mozilla -mail" icons. I 
would suggest changing them to "sensible-browser" and something similar 
for e-mail (if appropriate). Some more debianizing could also be done on 
default settings (i.e., i've even found a "desktop-background" and 
"desktop-splash" entries in /etc/alternatives; these could both be used 
for setting up XFCE for the users running it for the first time ("simple 
splash engine" accepts the splash image)).

3) Default panel setup could also have an "Xfce menu" button, and, 
probably, a Mixer (if that wouldn't create another dependency).

4) I didn't like the menu itself. In packages from os-works i was nicer. 
Plus, the "Xfce menu" isn't full (i.e., i only got Kvim shortcut in 
"Xfce menu > Editors" while i have 19 shortcuts in "Programs > 
Editors"). Also, i had two different entries for Xchat in it ("X_ Chat" 
and "XChat IRC"). If the latter is a result of my customizations in KDE, 
would you please tell me how to return to the fresh debian menu?

5) Xfce4-mixer seems to be linked to OSS instead of ALSA. Is that a 
policy of Debian or did you miss something? :)

6) Xfce4-goodies aren't installable with 4.2. Would be cool to see them 
updated (Terminal and Xfmedia packages would also be nice).

7) Are the root menu (not Debian menu) entries translatable?

I probably forgot to mention something, in that case, i'll post some 
more comments later.