Bug#331584: [Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#331584: Volume keybindings don't work

Stefan Ott stefan at desire.ch
Wed Oct 5 23:16:23 UTC 2005


I can reproduce the volume control problem on x86.

I investigated a bit and found what appears to be a bug in libxine's

I added a line to xfmedia_xine_set_param which outputs the value it sets
via xine_set_param and the value it gets via xine_get_param - which,
AFAIK, should match. However, certain values do not seem to be accepted,
as the following example shows:

Set 74, got 74
Set 77, got 77
Set 80, got 81
Set 79, got 77

The last line is the critical one. As we increase the volume in steps of
2, you won't be able to go past 77, because you'll always fall back from
79 to 77, so it appears the keybinding is broken. Considering what I
learned from blindli trying around, there appear to be a lot of values
which are off by 1 and several which are off by 2.

A temporary hotfix could be to change our volume steps from 2 to 3, as I
could not find any value which was off by 3. However, if you come to the
same conclusion as I did, we should probably forward this to the xine

Stefan Ott

"Trying is the first step towards failure." -- Homer Simpson
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