[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#295925: libxfce.so GTK-Warning woes

Alexander Clouter alex-debian at digriz.org.uk
Sat Dec 2 11:48:36 CET 2006


I had been suffering from this problem for some time, run any GTK application 
(gq, chameleon, etc) and get a bunch of harmless:

Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate loadable module in module_path: "libxfce.so"

messages over and over again.  It was annoying but obviously not the end of 
the world.

They occurred a while back when was playing with XFCE to see if I liked it but 
now that I'm using wmii its a reminder of my ugly past ;)

Anyway I found finally something online[1] and by removing all traces of XFCE 
from my ~/.gtkrc file the messages disappeared.  I actually deleted the file 
in the end along with .gtk-bookmarks but thats just me being overly tidy.

Just thought this might be the real 'solution' to the bug.  Not fair to force 
people to install an XFCE related package to clean up harmless messages when 
they do not intend on using it :)

Meanwhile my partner is a happy user of XFCE so keep up the good work!



[1] http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/showthread.php?t=104863

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