[Pkg-xfce-devel] svn structure and 4.4 packaging

Simon Huggins huggie at earth.li
Sun Jan 15 10:54:03 UTC 2006

Salut Jani!

On Wed, Jan 04, 2006 at 07:05:08PM +0200, Jani Monoses wrote:
> I was reminded today that deleting packages from svn/trunk is not a
> good idea :)


Sorry for the long time to a reply.

> Even though all these days I have been commiting to trunk I did not
> combine this with the fact that those changes are meant for xfce 4.2.x
> packages in sid.

Yeah, I guess it's worth mentioning again.

Maybe we should explain our SVN structure on the web page.

> So I'd like to propose a change in the way the svn is structured, not
> because I'm likely do repeat today's feat but because it makes more
> sense IMHO.

> -work on 4.2.x goes on on the branches named accordingly instead of trunk
> -trunk is branched to make a branches/4.3
> -trunk is changed only when those changes make sense for both lines of
> development, and then merged from trunk

At the moment we have:


The problem with this is that not everything in desktop/ now is released
by xfce.org (for instance exo, thunar, orage) when they do a 4.2.x

Also the goodies don't have any branches for a particular version.

The original idea behind the branches was to be able to get a particular
revision easily (without needing to know the date/time it was made).

But this has sort of slipped as it's hard for instance to get to a
particular revision of thunar/orage/exo/any of the goodies.

So I don't really know where that leaves us.

We could have:
	/desktop/branches/4.2/trunk <-- trunk for 4.2
	/desktop/branches/4.2/4.2.3 == current /desktop/branches/4.2.3
	/desktop/branches/4.2/4.2.2 == current /desktop/branches/4.2.2
and then logically:
and then when we made a release to Debian we could create a directory
	/desktop/branches/4.3/4.3.0 or whatever.

And eventually rename 4.3 to 4.4.

*BUT* what should we do with the goodies?
And where to exo/thunar/orage sit?

I don't know what we should do.  I will ask some people about good ways
to do this in SVN but I'd like your opinions too especially as you lot
are the guys working on this all the time.

> 4.4 packaging
> for the April release of ubuntu I'd like to get at least parts of
> 4.4included (panel especially) this means I'd like as much testing as
> possible before release so I'll make 4.3 packages from the xfce4.3
> daily snapshots

This is due by the 19th this month?  i.e. Thursday?  I don't think we
are able to put this in Debian that fast.

I'd love to package the RC when they are released but I don't think I'll
have time to check over stuff for a little while really.


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