Bug#380483: [Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#380483: xfwm4: Cannot change from first to last workspace by moving mouse

matt.nottingham at zen.co.uk matt.nottingham at zen.co.uk
Sun Jul 30 17:20:34 UTC 2006

Yves-Alexis Perez writes:
 > Yes, but I can't reproduce. If I use a single row with 6 workspaces,
 > when I'm on the 6th workspace and my pointer reaches the right edge, it
 > wraps to workspace 1. This is with "wrap workspaces when the first or
 > last worskace is reached" in the "Worskpaces" tabs in "Window Manager
 > Tweaks" setting.
 > Do you use a pager in the panel ?
 > Regards,
 > -- 
 > Yves-Alexis

Yes I have a pager in the panel, and I have that option checked.

This is a machine used to run version 4.2 of xfce, before the new 4.4
deb packages came along. Could there be something lurking in my
preferences that is messing it up? If its easy to rename my current
preferences I'll do that, otherwise I'll create a new account and see
if it works for that. I'll also try updating my (Intel Pent M) laptop
(which I've kept on 4.2 because of this and bug 380480) to see if its
just a AMD64 issue.

Thanks for your help,


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