[Pkg-xfce-devel] Debian sid and etch artwork.

Gustavo Franco stratus at debian.org
Mon Jul 31 15:19:20 UTC 2006

[ Unfortunately the cross-posting is necessary, but hopefully after a
online meeting we will have a separated mailing list ]

I would like to discuss with you the Debian sid and etch artwork
infrastructure and after that the artwork itself. The plan is organize
a online meeting, but we can kick off it here and define our agenda.

The current status (fixes are welcome):
- kdm theme and kde splash and wallpaper are maintained only by
pkg-kde team and in their svn repository;
- gdm theme is maintained in gdm by Ryan Murray, gdm splash is in
gnome-session and wallpaper in desktop-base (splash is in desktop-base
too but unused atm);
- xfce splash and wallpaper are maintained only by pkg-xfce team and
in their svn repository;

What i think would be good (suggestions, please):
- Move desktop-base to a "neutral" svn repository (eg: debian-desktop
group in alioth);
- Give commit access to at least two members of pkg-kde, pkg-gnome and
pkg-xfce and rmurray in that "neutral" repository;
- Ask artists to work on a common wallpaper for Sid and Etch and three
different splash images and add these images in desktop-base;
- Ask artists to work on gdm and kdm themes based on the common wallpapers;
- Prepare desktop-base to build the kdm and gdm themes;
- Prepare desktop-base to let us change from Sid->Etch themes and
wallpapers with a simple change and single upload (alternatives?);
- Upload the new desktop-base;
- Change gdm, kdm, kde and xfce to point to the new images in
desktop-base and desktop-base built binaries;

Related wiki article: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianDesktopArtwork

I think in a online meeting we can discuss the details, who will do
what and define some more stuff like icon themes and all that.

-- stratus

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