Bug#391313: [Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#391313: xfdesktop4: xfce4-menueditor .config/xfce4/desktop/programing.xml opens wrong file

Yves-Alexis Perez corsac at corsac.net
Fri Oct 6 07:52:21 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-10-06 at 17:13 +1000, Alexander Samad wrote:
> Hi
> I have a xfce menu on my panel, that is linked to a custom menu
> (.config/xfce4/desktop/programing.xml)
> when i click on the properties of the xfce panel item there is a edit
> menu button, when i click on that it comes up with the default menu
> I am not sure how to get to the Open Menu item from there.

Well, xfce4-menueditor is launched, with the wrong menu, but launched.
Just go to File / Open and you're done (or use the "Open" icon)
> the last bit is mixed in with this.
> So if I start in my home directory and run
> xfce4-menueditor .config/xfce4/desktop/programing.xml
> if brings up the default menu, if i then select open from the menu
> bar 
> (ctrl+o) it show me my files in the current home directory, I cann't
> see
> any files which start with . and thus can traverse the tree
> .config/xfce4/desktop/programing.xml

It's a default gtk file chooser. Use Ctrl+L or / shortcuts to have an
URL bar. There is a setting to show hidden file but I don't remember it.
I guess it's documented somewhere in gtk, maybe not enough, though.

Indeed, there is still a bug where xfce4-menueditor doesn't pick up the
parameter. I'll check and report upstream.


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