[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#426164: xfce4: link to editor in bottom panel (very) broken

Xr xr at i-jeuxvideo.com
Sun Dec 9 18:06:40 UTC 2007

> mousepad is *not* required. xfce4-panel works even if it's not
> installed, just the “editor” launcher is useless. It only the default
> install, and can be removed or edited when user want to. So I don't
> think of it as a dependency.
Makes sense :)

> I disagree.
Wether I am right or not doesn't change anything to the fact that some 
users disable that automatic installation.
I also still know people who use apt-get. I know its use is now 
discouraged but iirc, it doesn't install recommended packages.

However, these configuration changes are probably more relevant to users 
who would know how to change the panel in a second anyway.

I also just noticed that xfce4 already recommends xfmedia, xfprint4 and 
other utilities so for the sake of consistency, maybe mousepad should 
also be recommended.

To sum it up, my opinion is that you should either change the bug owner 
to debianutils (but they are probably going to reply that $VISUAL should 
be set, which is true), or recommend mousepad.
The opinion of the bug owner would also be interesting.


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