[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#397105: Bug#397105: xfce4-panel: Panel loses plugins

Yves-Alexis Perez corsac at corsac.net
Mon Dec 10 07:25:54 UTC 2007

On dim, 2006-11-05 at 09:24 +0100, Markus Schaber wrote:
> Package: xfce4-panel
> Version:
> Severity: normal
> >From time to time, and especially when XFCE4 is not shut down cleanly 
> (e. G. X-Server crash, someone entering "shutdown" on the command line 
> while XFCE runs, or power loss), XFCE-panel loses some of its contents. 
> Especially things like network and cpu monitor are sensitive, the task 
> bar, pager or clock seem to be more resistent.

Oops, sorry for not replying before. I guess the real problem is in
plugins more than in panel. Does it still happen currently, with 4.4.2
Xfce and updated plugins?

If they disappear, they have crashed, so maybe there's something
in .xsession-errors? Could you paste us the content of the file, at the
time it crashes (at resume, I'd say).


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