[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#376177: Reproducing the bug

Hilko Bengen bengen at debian.org
Wed Feb 14 12:49:12 CET 2007

found 376177

I have seen both xfdesktop and xfce4-menu-plugin processes that had
grown larger than 300MB here recently.

For xfce4-menu-plugin, it is quite easy to produce a memory leak that
is possibly related to the bug:

* Right-click the button, select "Edit Properties"
* Repeatedly toggle "Show icons in menu"
* Optionally select all the submenus so all icons are shown.

With each iteration, the plugin takes an additional 2MB of virtual
memory, more if one selects the submenus.

Running strace on the plugin while toggling the switch shows that it
reads a huge number of .desktop files in various locations --
~/.local/share/applications, /usr/share/applications,
/usr/share/gnome/apps, /home/bengen/.kde/share/apps,


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