[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#421240: Bug#421240: actionbutton-plugin: icons look weird

Johannes Bittner theclaw_ at gmx.net
Tue May 29 10:08:43 UTC 2007

Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:
>>> dpkg -S /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/xfce-system-exit.svg
>> it doesn't output anything.
> That means you shouldn't even have it. You should be able to remove it
> safely. It's weird you even have it, maybe you once use external
> packages or installed themes manually? I don't really know other reasons
> =/

In one of my previous mails I wrote: "the workaround I used was simply
copying [2] to [4]" - thats the reason for the existence of the icon ;)

>> including the hires-icon in xfce4-panel and notifying upstream might
>> be most convenient for end-users, I think?
> No. It was like this before, but some other soft may need it (and you
> can't assume xfce4-panel is installed anyway, or ship this icon in each
> software). It's better to have it in themes.

the xfce4-panel package already ships these icons ([1], [2]), but a
lowres version of it, why not also ship a hires verion? It doesn't hurt
if xfce4-panel includes a hires version


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