[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#445323: Bug#445323: Bug#445323: cpu-intensive window redraw/window resize

Mathias Brodala info at noctus.net
Sun Oct 7 10:11:47 UTC 2007

Hi Yves.

Yves-Alexis Perez, 07.10.2007 11:41:
> On sam, 2007-10-06 at 23:30 +0000, Omari Stephens wrote:
>> I am 99% sure this is an X problem.
> I'm inclined to think that too. I have yet to check, but I wonder if
> compositing isn't enabled by default with the latest X.

You were absolutely right about this. After explicitly disabling the Composite
extension, resizing in xfce4-terminal works just like before.

But the primary issue remains: why is resizing (and dragging BTW) the window in
xfce4-terminal that slow if Composite is activated? (In fact, this is what keeps
me from using Composite all the time but I [once again] haven’t gotten around to
file a report about this.)

Regards, Mathias


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