[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#472660: Bug#472660: xfprint4: needs dependency on

David Witbrodt dawitbro at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 8 12:02:13 UTC 2008

> Yes but the environment is not the same.
> >   Also, what about the folks using Etch?
> xfprint4 on etch Suggests: a2ps

  OK, I was delayed against my will, but I have now
successfully installed Sid.  (I needed to write up
some last notes and perform some backups first.)

  I can confirm that 'xfprint4' just hangs if I try to
print (say, using 'mousepad') without 'a2ps'
installed.  I successfully (re)installed CUPS
beforehand, and tested 'lp' from the command line to
be sure.
  After installing 'a2ps', printing a simple text doc
using 'mousepad' works fine.

  This behavior actually makes sense according to the
XFCE Help file I quoted in my OP.  This is that quote
from my OP:

    The xfprint4 application allows the user to 
    print files of many different types and to 
    set the printing options. For this it makes
    use of the a2ps application.

That sounds like a "Depends" to me, which prompted my
bug report in the first place.

  Maybe it is the case that some printers work via
'xfprint4' without needing 'a2ps'.  (I don't
understand how, though, especially in view of the
documentation quoted above.)  I can only report that
MY situation absolutely requires 'a2ps' before
'xfprint4' is usable at all.

  In short, if all situations require 'a2ps' to be
present for 'xfprint4' to work, then 'xfprint4'
DEPENDS on 'a2ps'.  Otherwise, I believe that
'xfprint4' should place a RECOMMENDS on 'a2ps' so that
Aptitude will tend to drag it in by default.

Sorry for the delay in reporting back, and thanks for
you attention to this issue,

Dave W.

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