[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#472660: xfprint4: needs dependency on 'a2ps'

David Witbrodt dawitbro at sbcglobal.net
Fri Apr 11 18:18:14 UTC 2008

I saw (and installed) xfprint4_4.4.2-2_amd64.deb enter
Sid several days ago.  Should this bug be closed, or
is the matter still under investigation?

I did see a previous message to 'pkg-xfce-devel':


The OP of that msg gave a link to this discussion:


It looks like people are misunderstanding the purpose
of 'xfprint4':  it provides printing support for XFCE-
specific software, like 'mousepad'.  The fact that
other programs can print via CUPS while running XFCE
does not imply that 'xfprint' is working... since it
is not even being used by those programs.  And, unless
'xfprint' has is entirely rewritten, it is completely
dependent on 'a2ps' to print anything at all -- all of
the options presented by menuing to

  Xfce -> Applications -> Print Dialog

are actually 'a2ps' options!  (I also found those
options non-obvious, and nothing about them made sense
until I read 'info a2ps' carefully.)

At any rate, whether or not this bug is closed, thanks
to Yves-Alexis for the new package upload!

Also, in case this is important:
Not a single message was sent, forwarded, or cc'ed to
me during this conversation.  The only mails I got
from the BTS were autoreplies to messages I sent.  I
have had to keep checking the bug report page,

in order to see whether there have been further

This seems to be a problem with the BTS.  I had no
problems with another recent bug report I made:  all
communications via the BTS were also forwarded to my
email account.  (FYI, I am using only an ISP email
account, so the problem cannot be a misconfigured MTA
on my end.)

Thanks again,

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