[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#376455: Bug#376455: Bug#376455: xfce4: default xfce theme scrollbar hard to see

Michael Gilbert michael.s.gilbert at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 23:36:45 UTC 2008

reopen 376455

> Ok, I guess it was a non-issue.

sorry i didn't respond sooner.  i think the problem still exists.  i'm
pointing this out because i think it is a usability concern (for users
that stick with the defaults...i actually switch to clearlooks on all
my machines).

so i've attached two screenshots illustrating the issue.  you can see
in the clearlooks them that the scrollbar is contrasts very well with
the bar behind the scrollbar (blue contrasted to gray).  however in
the xfce-4.2 theme, the scrollbar blends in with the rest of the
window (grayish contrasted with grayish, which is the same grayish in
the rest of the window).

also, the three horizontal bars in the middlo of the scrollbar in the
clearlooks theme are used to designate the bar as a scrollbar.  it
would be beneficial for the xfce theme to have this as well.

i understand that this is very subjective, but the gnome themers
really know what they're doing, and xfce (and its users) could benefit
by adopting their design ideas.

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