[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#497199: Bug#497199: xfce4-session: xfce4-tips doesn't work for root

Alexis Huxley ahuxley at gmx.net
Sun Aug 31 09:45:10 UTC 2008

Hi Simon,

> Whilst I can see your point, the correct solution would really be not to
> run X as root which is never a good idea.
> If you need to run a graphical program as root (which I wouldn't
> recommend) then you could use sudo from a normal session.

I wondered if you would say this :-) 

Okay, then as an exammple, take a non-root user who has no interest
in running games and so does not have /usr/games in their $PATH,
but they run XFCE and want tips:

It is xfce4-tips's responsibility to adjust $PATH for *its* process
or to be specific about which 'fortune' to call, not the user's. The
user's responsibility ends with adjusting $PATH for *their processes*
or being specific about which 'xfce4-tips' they call.

> Nevertheless, improving xfce4-tips to call /usr/games/fortune instead
> would indeed be better.



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