[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#487909: Bug#487909: xfwm4: window placement is offset from right and bottom of screen

Michael Gilbert michael.s.gilbert at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 17:07:30 UTC 2008

>> this is annoying because i am always readjusting windows to get them
>> to
>> where they should have gone automatically (snapped to the edge of the
>> screen).
> Where did you see that it should have been snapped to the edge
> automatically?

i didn't see anywhere that this is supposed to happen, but it just
makes sense.  why place the windows almost at the edges (but only at
right and bottom, not top and left), when you could place them at the
edge and be more asthetically pleasing (and less annoying)?

for example, if you open four windows that are rather large, but not
fullscreen, they will get placed at the four corners of the screen
(almost -- the right and bottom windows will be slightly displaced
from the edge).

>>  maybe the calculation for window placement isn't taking into
>> account the size of the window border?
> I think the calcul only try to put them where there is room. You can
> adjust this for different size of windows in WM Tweaks, but that's all.

the "min window size" setting is the only one that affects placement
in the "window manager tweaks" dialog.  the windows i am talking about
are large enough that smart placement is kicking in.

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