[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#483070: 03_fix-compositing-overlay.patch causes the issue

Jérémy Lal jeremy.lal at m4x.org
Tue Jun 24 09:47:06 UTC 2008

rebuilding 4.2.2-5 package without that patch doesn't trigger that issue...

>From what i know, it looks like the openarena window, which has a black
background, is never reclaimed by xfwm4, when compositing is on.
Openarena process quits and xfwm4 let that black area open.

Well i don't understand how it works, but i guess there's something in compositor.c
about the "wins_unredirected" counter, which is part of the patch, or the different
conditions around
 damage_screen (screen_info);
 repair_screen (screen_info);
 damage_win (cw);

but i'm most certainly wrong, since my attemps failed miserably :(

i would be surprised the bug comes from oa, since everything's ok with kde4 or gnome (unstable).



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