[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#480587: Bug#480587: xfwm4: Using Compositing causes X to eat major CPU

Daniel Dickinson cshore at wightman.ca
Thu May 15 10:15:53 UTC 2008

On Thu, 15 May 2008 07:54:53 +0200
Yves-Alexis Perez <corsac at debian.org> wrote:

> (please let the bug on copy)
> On mar, 2008-05-13 at 02:17 -0400, Daniel Dickinson wrote:
> > Sorry, no.  I meant when I was using gnome...  Now that I'm using
> > Xfce4
> > compositing doesn't work (not that it's that big a deal, but it is a
> > bug).
> Ok so what was the config under Gnome (metacity/compiz/xcompmgr)? Do

Under Gnome I used Compiz.  I tried xcompmgr under xfce4 yesterday and
had the same problem.

> you use xfce4-terminal? Is it better without? Could you try setting

I launch xfce4-terminals frequently.  Not sure what you mean if it's
better without.  It affects all windows whether using xfce4-terminal or

> XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS=1 before starting Xfce?

Will do.

And that's my crabbing done for the day.  Got it out of the way early, 
now I have the rest of the afternoon to sniff fragrant tea-roses or 
strangle cute bunnies or something.   -- Michael Devore
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